Plugging On

With months of training under my belt and a little more than four weeks until the Brighton Marathon, I have to admit that I’m kind of looking forward to the taper. In the meantime though, I still need to keep plugging on and try to make up for my missing training sessions over the last few weeks.

Last night I wasn’t really in the mood for running, but I knew that I needed to get two mid-week runs in this week to make sure that I could cope with my final long run next weekend. So, when I got home from work, I did what I always tell other people to do when they aren’t feeling it – I switched off my brain, changed into my running gear and got my ass over the doorstep.

I decided to head for the seafront as usual but, as I was keen to get the run over with, I started running early so that I’d complete my first half kilometre before I even got there. This meant a bit of stopping to cross some main roads, but I didn’t mind. I couldn’t afford to risk a fast paced run anyway, especially if I wanted to get a second run done on Thursday.

By the time I got to the seafront, I was feeling pretty relaxed and started to enjoy taking it nice and slowly. There were a few other runners around and a couple of dog walkers. Nothing unusual there. But then I spotted a man sitting on a bench, listening to headphones and typing on a laptop. Now, I know that some people like to work on their laptops outside, but in the evening on the seafront when it’s already dark? Maybe it’s just me, but it did seem a bit odd.

The strangest thing though, was when I reached The View, a small bar/club on the seafront. I noticed that, as well as there being a lot more people than usual enjoying a drink outside, there was a large group standing by a row of campfires along the beach right next to them.

I wasn’t sure what was going on as there were a lot of young children around too. Perhaps something to do with Saint Patrick’s Day? Or just another one of Brighton and Hove’s many quirky gatherings? Who knows? But when people are hanging around the beach in the evening, it’s a sure sign that spring is on it’s way.

As for the run, I turned back at the campfires, past the man with the laptop, returned to my starting point and added a bit more to make it a full 6K. Not too bad for a Tuesday evening.

How’s your training going? Are you starting to notice the first signs of Spring? What unusual sightings have you spotted on your running adventures? Please share your thoughts in the comments.