Easy Exercises To Relieve Hip Pain

For the past year or so, I have been experiencing pains in my right hip on a fairly regular basis. Apparently this is quite common in runners but, since I’ve only been running for a few months, I can’t really put it down to that. I can’t really put it down to anything, other than ageing perhaps, but I have noticed that running does have an effect on it.

Surprisingly, during the first few weeks of C25K, I noticed that whenever I was running, I didn’t experience much pain in my hip at all. In fact, strange as it might sound, exercise seemed to be helping it. However, as the program continued, I began to notice that my hip hurt quite a lot after running – usually the next day. ¬†And by the end of the program, I was really starting to suffer with the post run hip pain.

Not being a huge fan of any kind of drugs (other than caffeine, nicotine and the occasional alcoholic beverage), I needed to find a way to relieve the pain so that I could still continue to train. So I trawled the internet in search of a solution and stumbled across this video.


The exercises themselves are very easy to do and, even though I only do about ten repetitions of each one before (and sometimes after) a run, it seems to be making a big difference. I still get the odd twinge after a hard run, but it’s nothing like before, which makes the recovery between runs a lot easier.

I have taken ibuprofen occasionally when it has been really bad, but if it doesn’t hurt when I’m actually running , then it kind of makes sense that light exercise might actually help.

Have you experienced hip pain after running? How did you deal with it? Please share your tips and ideas in the comments.