For Bling And A Banana

This time next week I’ll be running in the Brighton Marathon… no, really, I’ll still be running five and a half hours into the race. It’s going to be long and hard and painful, but somehow that doesn’t seem to matter any more.

Even if it takes me six hours, or six and a half, or seven… Ok, so I’ll probably keel over if I’m still going after seven hours, but the point is that the time really doesn’t matter. The important thing is to get out there, complete the distance and have fun!

Until this morning, I’d forgotten about the whole having fun aspect of the marathon. I’d been so worried about missing my final long run, the aches in my legs and not getting enough running in over the last few weeks, that the whole reason that I’m doing this completely slipped my mind.

I’m doing this because I love running and the opportunity to run for five and half hours or more, with thousands of other people, in my own neighbourhood, and with lots of people cheering us on is too good a chance to miss.

Ok, that’s a lie. I just want some bling and a banana.


So, with all thoughts of time goals pushed firmly to the back of my mind, I set out this morning for a slow 10K along the seafront and around the neighbourhood.

The old legs didn’t feel great and the pain in my left leg was still there, but it didn’t get any worse as I shuffled along making turrets on my running map by cutting back and forward down side streets – a nice way to make a short route a little bit longer.


In the end, I was having so much fun that I ran 11K instead of 10K, which brings this week’s running total up to a fairly feeble 16K (forgot to blog about Tuesday’s run – sorry!).

It doesn’t seem like much, I know, but as I’m tapering and don’t want to aggravate my leg too much, it will have to do. Perhaps I’ll get a 5K in later in the week. Who knows? But for now, I’m just trying to stay focussed on what it’s all about – bling and bananas!

How’s your training going? How do you keep your race day nerves at bay? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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