C210K Week 13

This past week, I planned to get at least one Week 13 run in and then do parkrun on Staurday. However, after the previous week’s exertions, I wasn’t feeling up to it.

Apart from general tiredness, which is to be expected, I noticed a few familiar twinges in my left leg – nothing serious, but with my history of injuries, I wasn’t taking any chances. So I took it easy.

Rule number one: Listen To Your Body!

This morning though, it felt ok so I decided to head out for my Week 13 run. Unlike most of the C210K weeks, this week had different sessions for each day; and as I’m only doing one a week, this meant I had a bit of choice.

I had planned to do the session with 2 x 25 minute runs and a 1 minute walk break, but depending on how I felt, I might extend at least one of the runs to 30 minutes.

As usual I started out very slowly. When working improving endurance, I try to start of at a slow comfortable pace, and then slow down to my lazy relaxed pace. It doesn’t always work, but this morning I had no problem feeling lazy and completed the first kilometre in 8:21.

Having managed that without any problems, I allowed myself to gradually increase the pace for the next couple of kilometres which meant that after 25 minutes I was quite happy to do another 5 before my walk break.

For the second running section, I kept the pace fairly consistent and then pushed myself a bit for the final kilometre, picking up the pace and even adding a few minutes on to the end so that I could complete a nice round 8K.

My next C210K session will be 60 minutes with no walk breaks, so I will probably leave that until next weekend. Depending on how I’m feeling mid-week though, I might try to slot a cheeky 5K in there, just to get a bit of pace going again.

How is your training going? Did you get a run in this weekend? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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