C210K Week 12

Now that the clocks have gone back and it’s much lighter in the evening for running after work, I decided to ramp up my Couch to 10K efforts with a mid-week run.

I wasn’t sure exactly how I was going to do the run. The program said 3 x 18 minute runs with 1 minute walk breaks; but I also thought that maybe I could just add a kilometre each week, so 7K tonight; or even just increase the time each week, which would mean a 50 minute run… or I could just do a 5K…

Anyway, I really wasn’t sure so I didn’t think about it too much before going out. I just got changed, went out and headed to the seafront in the rain.

By the time I got to the promenade, the rain was easing off and there was a lovely rainbow. As before, I wished I’d taken my phone so that I could have got a picture, as it looked like the rainbow was pushing the dirty great cloud over Brighton and Hove from the lovely clear blue sky over the sea.

I was feeling pretty good and the rainbow lifted my spirits even more, so I decided that I would stick to the program and do the 3 x 18 minute runs with 1 minute walk breaks. The trick, as I learned last time, was to run as slowly as I possibly could – which wasn’t too hard!

There were quite a few other runners out on the prom, all of whom were much speedier than me. In the past this would have given me a bit of an itch in my competitive brain to try to go faster, but this evening I was quite happy plodding along.

5K came and went just as I approached my final 18 minutes and I realised that if I kept my pace going I would be closer to 8K than 7K, so I decided that I would try to extend the final 18 minutes to see if I could manage the full 8.

When I reached the end of my planned run, at 56 minutes, I found that I still had quite a bit of energy left so I picked up my pace to see if I could hit 8K within the hour.

check out the kick at the end!

In the end, my 8K time was 59:57. As is the trend at the moment, not the fastest, but I was more than happy with it.

Almost negative splits

How’s your training going? Are you running in the evening now that it’s not so dark after work? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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