Time To Hit The Restart Button

restart2016 has been an odd year for me in terms of running. I had big ambitions and had to push myself hard to achieve them, but it wasn’t much fun. I was tired, I was struggling and was barely able to achieve the minimum that I had set myself, so in the end I just stopped. I didn’t run, didn’t blog and barely logged on to see what everyone else was doing. I just couldn’t face it. I needed a break, so I took one.

But now that I’ve had some time off, enough time to miss what I really love about running, I figured that the time is right to hit the restart button and get back to Couch To 5K… and stick to it.

This time round though, things are going to be different. I’m not going to think about races, or parkrun, or PBs or anything like that. I’m just going to run to get back in shape. For the most part, this will probably be on the treadmill, as I found the cold air really played havoc with my breathing when I did the Poppy Run in November, but that’s ok. I’m not making any apologies for running indoors. Not this time.

My goal, my one and only goal is to be able to run 5K without walk breaks. That’s it. Nothing more.

Of course, that might change later on, but for now I’m going to try to be sensible, take it easy and stick to the program for the next nine weeks and see how it goes.

So, this afternoon, I completed W1D1 on the treadmill. 30 minutes of walking and running and walking. Not difficult, but got the old heart rate up again for the first time in over a month, so it’s a start.

How’s your training going? Have you set any running goals for 2017? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



17 thoughts on “Time To Hit The Restart Button”

  1. Great post, I’ve had similar situations to the one you seem to have been through. After much soul searching and rummaging around the backwaters of my legs I’ve finally found what I needed and the direction to make it happen. I didn’t quite have to hit the reset button but it wasn’t far off and now 2017 is set to be all about doing the running I enjoy! Have a great year

  2. Don’t you just love that you can hit the re-start button? I fell off the running wagon once again but jumped back on with a run on Tuesday (oh dear, was it Tuesday or Monday? too lazy to check). For the past two days, I’ve counted shoveling the driveway as my exercise, but I may run in place on the mini-tramp later (I don’t have a treadmill). Absolutely do no apologize for running indoors! The important thing is that you are off the couch an enjoying it! Rock on!

  3. Hi Kirsten, oh boy can I relate to your post! I haven’t run AT ALL for far too long and I am planning to hit the ‘reset button’ too! My running buddies talked me into signing up for a 4 mile run on Super Bowl Sunday (Feb 5) so I have to get moving!! I went for a 1 mile walk on Christmas day but nothing since…2017 here I come!

  4. I look forward to keeping up with you again! I’m back to the restart button too! Fingers crossed! Hope you’ve had a lovely Christmas! Have a lovely new year too!

    1. Hey Kerrie. Christmas was great, thanks. I hope you had a good one too. I’m quite excited about getting back to C25K again… just like old times! 😉
      Happy New Year to you too. x

  5. We all have to start over at some point! I’ve been there many times very the last 2 years. Honestly, any run is a good run, even on a treadmill. I love having one and wouldn’t get most of my winter runs in, if I didn’t have one.

  6. I support all of this! I felt similar these past few months… just couldn’t blog or keep track of other blogs… just didn’t have the mental capacity for it. I think we all just need breaks sometimes. I’m glad to see you back, and I’ll be cheering you on as you take down that 5k goal 🙂 Happy new year!

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