If In Doubt…

Today was supposed to be a run day, but the niggle I picked up on Sunday is still there. Much as I wanted to get running this evening after work, I figured that it wasn’t worth risking it. I’d rather wait a few more days than take the chance of doing some real damage.

At the same time though, I didn’t want to set myself back before I’d even started, so I decided to do a session on the exercise bike instead. It was pretty much the same session as yesterday, using the C25K app, taking it easy on the ‘walk’ sections and pushing harder for the ‘run’ sections.

As with yesterday’s workout, it had no impact whatsoever on the calf strain and I felt pretty good when I’d finished. I even managed to get my heart rate a bit higher than yesterday, so that’s got to be a good sign.

According to my Training Peaks stats, even though the workout is improving my general fitness levels, it doesn’t have the same benefits as a run would have. So, going forward, the rule is that if I have to miss a run, I’ll do two sessions on the exercise bike instead to keep things ticking over.

How’s your training going? What do you do if you are unable to run? Do you skip the session or do something different instead? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


3 thoughts on “If In Doubt…”

  1. I’m still trying to convince myself that cross training is a must… and then to figure out what… sigh. Too lazy to do it, am not sure. Good for you though!!! 😀

    1. Thanks Emilia. I’ve never really got into cross-training either, although always intended to build it in. Having tried the ‘running through it’ and ‘doing nothing at all’ methods of injury recovery in the past, I think I’ve found a place for it now though. 😉

      1. I guess I was lucky enough that most what I dealt with was some sprained muscle which went away after rolling it for a few days, now though I discovered a true pain in the… (literally it is that muscle that hurts 😉 ), and am intending to do something about it – strength training, maybe FINALLY signing up for a gym… 😉

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