Every K Counts

Yesterday I made a promise to myself to try to run at least one kilometre per day. It’s not much, I know, and hardly counts as proper training, but it does count nonetheless. It counts because for ten minutes or so when I would have been sitting around doing nothing, I was pounding away on the treadmill getting hot, sweaty and making my heart work harder than usual; it counts because even though I didn’t really feel like running this evening, I’d made a promise to myself and I kept it; and it counts because that’s two days in a row and when you go from one to two, that’s called counting.

So, yes, it was only one kilometre and it was slow and it was indoors, but if I can keep this up for a week or so then maybe it will help me to get back into a regular running routine again, which is the first step towards what any kind of proper training.

How’s your training going? How easy or difficult do you find it to get back into a proper routine again after a break from training? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


9 thoughts on “Every K Counts”

  1. I just saw your post from yesterday and I think I’ll join you starting tomorrow. 1 mile a day (cuz I’m in the US and we don’t know how to use the metric system! lol!) Lets keep each other motivated 😀

    I also need to find my next race…but I seem to be procrastinating 😦

    1. Absolutely! A mile or a kilometre is achievable every day, and knowing you’re doing it will keep me motivated too – no pressure… 😉
      I usually binge sign-up for races, so procrastination on that front might be a blessing – I’m sure you’ll find a good one soon though. 🙂

  2. what a kewl idea… i find that with my Polar set to 10 000 steps a day, i try to do at least hat every day… so if its short by the time I’ve done dinner, i take a quick walk… and i reward myself at the end of the week with a nice Starbucks or Costa if I’ve done 100% all week… seems to be working and really challenged myself to keep it up too!

    1. Love the idea about the steps and that’s great that you’re sticking to it. For me at the moment it’s about doing something that isn’t too hard so that I can get into a routine – if I think about the distance I have to run in August, I tend to get scared and bury my head in a packet of crisps. 😉
      Keep up the great work! 🙂

  3. Keep it up! 😊🏃 it’s a good idea – I really like it! At that rate you will top what I ran during the entire month of Jan and probably Feb. So every K does count!
    And as for routine, I cancelled all three classes at the gym this week 🙈 oh dear!

    1. Ha ha! If I keep it up I’ll probably top what I’ve run all year. 😀
      You always impress me with the amount you do each week, whether at the gym or with your running, so I’m sure cancelling a few classes won’t do you any harm – rest days are when the magic is supposed to happen, right?
      Still, I hope next week is better for you. xx

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