So, it looks like I forgot to run for the last couple of months. Oops!

I could make the usual excuses, the old injury was playing up, the weather was rubbish, there wasn’t enough time… but the truth is that I just couldn’t be arsed bothered. As result, my fitness levels have dropped again, making the prospect of starting all over again even more daunting.

Daunting as it is though, I know I want to get back running again, so I’ve decided to do the right thing and restart the training… yet again.

Even though I want to get back on track though, I’m still not really feeling it. Silly as it sounds, I don’t want to face the frustration of starting again, but I know I have to. So I came up with a plan, of sorts.

The plan is to get back into training this week with some daily cardio before I launch myself into C25K in the new year – just to give myself a bit of head start.

So, this morning, I removed the clothes from the exercise bike, did some laundry and then had  a quick 20 minute workout on the bike – 10 reps of 1 minute slow then 1 minute fast to get the old legs turning over and kick the heart into action.

I still don’t feel like going out for a run, but it feels good to get moving again and at least I have some clean clothes now!

How’s your training going? Please share your thought in the comments.