Unscheduled Rest Week

Circle HopI didn’t manage to get a run in at last week. A couple of extra long working days at the beginning of the week combined with a sudden drop in temperature left me feeling pretty tired, so I decided to take it easy, skip the final run of Week 2 and launch into Week 3 this morning so that I would have something to contribute to this week’s Virtual Running UK Blog Hop.

Today’s session should have been fairly easy – 2 reps of 1:30 run, 1:30 walk, 3:00 run and 3:00 walk, but I have to admit that I did find the second 3:00 run more challenging than I had expected. I still managed it, but for a bit of a confidence boost at the end, I decided to split the final walk in half so that I could finish strongly on a 1:30 run.

My running pace definitely slowed down on this run and I didn’t manage to stay under 6:00 minutes per kilometre for the duration of each section, but I think it probably averaged out ok.


I’m planning on doing another Week 3 run tomorrow (all being well), so hopefully I’ll be able to improve the pacing a bit more on that one.

On the whole though, repeating Couch to 5K seems to be working. I haven’t quite nailed the routine yet this time around, but the program is working and I am definitely seeing and feeling the improvements each time, so it’s all good.

How’s your training going? How are you coping with running in the colder weather? Please share you thoughts in the comments.

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