C25K W1 D1 (again)

Today was the first day of my return to training with Couch to 5K. I had planned to do Week 1 Day 1 when I got home from work and, while I was a bit concerned about how I would be able to handle any kind of running after my ‘on and off’ periods over the last few months, I was really looking forward to getting started again.

Of course, old habits die hard, so when it came to actually getting myself out the front door, I was confronted by the all too familiar voice in my head telling me You’re feeling kind of tired, maybe you should wait until tomorrow… one more day won’t make a difference.

Thankfully, there was also another familiar voice there to remind me to ignore the first one and don’t think about it; just do it. So that’s what I did.

I switched off my brain, got myself changed and before I knew it I was heading to the seafront for a nice easy run/walk along the promenade – 8 reps of 60 seconds running and 90 seconds walking. That should be do-able, right? Even with my current fitness level, I should be able to manage 60 seconds. Shouldn’t I?

Despite my concerns, the run went pretty well. I started off fairly slowly for the first running segment and, even though I was a bit more out of breath than I should have been, it felt good. For the second running segment, I tried picking up the pace a bit more. Again, it felt ok, so I decided to continue trying to pick things up a notch for the third, fourth, fifth and so on, until the final run when my legs finally started to feel tired and I had to ease off again.

In the end, I covered just over 2.5K in 18:30 (I didn’t bother timing the final walk segment) and was surprised to see that I kept most of the runs under a pace of 6 minutes per kilometre, with the penultimate run under 5 minutes per kilometre – not a pace that I could sustain for more than one minute at a time right now, but a very pleasing start nonetheless.

Session 2 will be tomorrow. I can’t wait!

How’s your training going? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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