Oops! I Possibly Shouldn’t Have Done That

ultrachallengeboot2It has been a while since I’ve signed up for any races – partly because I have been recovering for the last couple of months, but mostly because I just can’t afford the entry fee.

At first, I kind of liked the idea of not having the pressure of a race to train for. It meant that I could just run for fun and not worry too much about getting faster or going further. It was nice. It was easy. But it also started to feel a bit pointless after a while.

So, when I heard about a little race being held in my local area next year, with an entry fee of only £15 and a free t-shirt for the first 500 entrants, I figured it would be rude not to sign up. And let’s face it, after my last post, I really do need to start working on my manners.

The race, The South Coast Challenge, follows a scenic 50K route along the South Coast of England, from Eastbourne to Brighton and, if you want to do the 100K option, you keep going after Brighton and end up  in Arundel.

Unlike last time, I’ve decided to settle for the 50K option – having to run past my street during the Brighton Marathon when I only had another 15K to go was bad enough, so I don’t think I would cope well with having another 50K to go when my bed is only a couple of miles away.

And yes, I know, that 50K is still quite far for a race, but if it’s anything like the London 2 Brighton Challenge, then it will basically be a 50K buffet with free massages, blister care and a bit of jogging in between. Not bad for £15!

How’s your training going? What races have you got coming up? How do you feel about having to run past your home during a race? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


15 thoughts on “Oops! I Possibly Shouldn’t Have Done That”

  1. I’m not signed up for anything either…and it feels GREAT to not have to worry about it. I do a local race every year that is just a few miles from my house. It’s actually quite nice not having to get up super early to get to the start area!

  2. sh***************t Kirsten!!!!! you are a BRAVE GIRL! *mwah* so proud of you! that is AMAZING!!!! 50K is, well… not somthing i even like doing in my car!!!!! let alone run or walk! You GO GIRL!!!! looking so forward tohearing about all your training, phantom turtles (still giggling), the highs, the lows and seeing you SMASH it! How cool! xxx

    1. Yeah, it’s a really good deal, especially with the support they provide. Most of the Action Challenge events do seem to be in the South East, but hopefully they’ll go a bit further North soon.
      I’ve thought about doing the colour run too, but I’d need windscreen wipers for my glasses! 😉

    1. Ha ha! Thanks Sharon. I may live in the South East of England, but a true Scott would never pass up a bargain like that!
      It should be fun but if the worst comes to the worst, I can always walk it if I have to. 😉

  3. I’m cacking myself about doing a 30 mile off road run tomorrow – especially since I’ve never run further than a half marathon before! A friend of ours is doing the full 2-day, 57 mile race, and me, his girlfriend and my hubs are joining him for day 2 – I think we must have been very drunk when we agreed to that!! That said, I like the way you described it – ‘a 50K buffet [well, 48 for me] with free massages, blister care and a bit of jogging in between’. Makes it seem a bit less scary!! 🙂

  4. I was just looking at JustGiving, spotted your page on there and thought “I haven’t checked out or read any blogs for ages, I’ll pop over and read Kirsten’s”
    Wow! Rather you than me. Saying that though Adam and I are running our 4th (and last) 10K of the year on Sunday and will then be doing the York 10 mile (it’s on our door-step, nearly) in 3 weeks and the runDisney Wine and Dine Half Marathon at the beginning of November. I always said that 10K was far enough for me but when I discovered the half marathon was on when we were going to be at Disney, it seemed rude not to try to get entry for Adam and me.
    I’ll try to remember to sponsor you next year x

    1. Thanks Fiona. I haven’t been on here for a while either, but hopefully will get back into it next month. Have a great run today! 🙂
      And yes, it would definitely be very rude to go to Disney and not do the half. 😉 x

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