I know, it’s not a word, but ‘bleurgh’ describes exactly everything about my run this evening. I was supposed to do 3K (not much, I know) but I only managed 2, then walked a bit and then ran a bit to make 2.5. Not good. Not good at all. But I did try my best, I promise.

I’m not sure exactly what went wrong. I kept the pace nice and slow and even changed my route to keep things interesting, but at 2K I began to feel that something wasn’t right. I figured I probably just needed a drink, so I walked for about 100 metres to hydrate and catch my breath.

That seemed to do the trick so I started running again. Within a minute though, I knew that I wasn’t going to get the 3K done. My stomach felt weird, not quite like I was going to throw up, but not far off it, so I decided get to 2.5 and then stop.

As soon as I stopped running though, I felt terrible and decided to sit down for a bit. This is not something I normally do straight after running as I like to walk to cool down, but today I had to. My legs felt really weak and I was starting to get light headed, so I found a bench and sat for a few minutes until it passed.

I knew I wasn’t going to throw up or pass out or anything like that. It took a couple of minutes before I could catch my breath properly and get my heart rate back to normal, but once I did I felt fine. A bit tired and annoyed that the run had been so crap, but fine nonetheless.

I’m not sure what went wrong really. Perhaps I didn’t hydrate properly before going out, or maybe it was something I ate. Who knows? But tomorrow I’m going to take it easy and postpone my parkrun return (again!), and have another go on Sunday.

Everyone has an off day from time to time, and at least I got a bit of a run, so it’s all good in the end.

How’s your training going? How to you pick yourself up after a bad run? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


5 thoughts on “Bleurgh!”

  1. Bleurgh is definitely a word 🙂 Everyone has a bad run occasionally, keep it up & get yourself back to parkrun – running with more people might spur you on, it did me!

  2. Sounds like something was definitely wrong and it was a good thing you sat down for a while. I seem to be coming down with something myself today (contagious over the internet?) and may or may not run later. The important thing is you got out there, so give yourself credit and drive one.

  3. Yup Bleugh is too a word!! Maybe not enough to eat during the day. Best to stop & walk if you are light headed. Hope you are feeling better now!!!

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