3K – No Walking!

I’ve not been doing too well this week with my resolve to run three times a week. I keep thinking about it, putting it off and promising to go later, but later never comes. The root of the problem, it seems, is thinking about it.

Take this morning for example. I woke up and my brain said ‘you’re awake nice and early – go for a run!’; but then I started thinking about it, which made me think of other things and I ended up checking my email instead. And, as generally happens when I start the day by checking email, the day was gone in a flash.

I felt pretty bad about it, to be honest. I really want to get back to running without walk breaks, but to do that I need to practise and get into a regular routine, otherwise I’ll just keep going backwards, which isn’t much fun.

So, this evening, once I’d finished work for the day, I decided that I had to go for a run if I was going to get three in this week. I didn’t think about it either. I just got changed and got myself out the door. Simple as that!

It wasn’t until I was half way to the seafront that I started to plan my run. This week, I’d hoped to be running 3.5K without walk breaks, but as I’d only managed 2.3 last week (should have been 3) I decided that I would be happy with anything more than that, and run/walk the rest to make the 3K or maybe 3.5 if I felt like it. We’d see – this is me not thinking about it!

The breeze was pretty warm down on the promenade, but it was comfortable enough to run nice and slowly. I wasn’t worried at all about picking up the pace; if anything I made myself back off to make sure that I could beat last week’s distance.

Surprisingly, as I approached 2.3, I felt pretty good. Yes, it was hot. Yes, I was sweating like crazy. And yes, I did almost choke on my water while I was running. But I felt ok. As I passed 2.5, I even considered the possibility of going for 3.5; but when I reached 3K I knew I’d had enough and decided to stop there.

Even though it was after 6:30 in the evening, the sun was still pretty strong, so I headed for some nice shaded side streets and made my way back home.

I realise that if I’m going to get my three runs in this week, I’m going to have to do two days back to back. Perhaps tomorrow I’ll make it out of bed and out the door before my brain kicks in? Here’s hoping!

How’s your training going? What strategies do you use to get yourself out the door. Please share your thoughts in the comments.

25 thoughts on “3K – No Walking!”

  1. Yay, you got out and beat the distance from last week:-)
    Totally understand the ‘thinking about it makes it go away’ problem! This eve I did the same; finished work at 20:00, just changed and ran home instead of thinking what route I could follow if I cycled home or what I would do tomorrow (run back to work) or whether my running outfit matched or or or or…and I arrived at home hot and tired and happy:-) You can do tomorrow too!

  2. I overthink things too much, as well. Schedule your run sessions, just like you would schedule anything else. Take away the excuses by having your running clothes/shoes ready, along with what you’re going to fuel your body with before your run. Tell yourself that you’re going to get out that door, even if it means walking or cutting the run short — just that you’re going to start. What I find is that the times I am least looking forward to it are often the best runs. Likely, you will feel motivated and energized when your body awakes and warms up. Tuning into some great music often is what keeps me running. Good luck, Blog Runner! I have a new reason to run and train for a marathon now, check out my new blog format! See you online!

    1. So true! Thanks LeAnn. 🙂
      I dropped by your blog the other day and saw that you have given it a makeover – it looks fantastic! And an exciting new chapter for you and your son too. I’ll pop by for a proper catch-up soon. 🙂 x

  3. I’m glad I’m not the only one that chokes on water… 😉 🙂

    I just go with the flow. Since the c25k I haven’t had a plan to follow…which often I believe is a bad thing. Depends on the day depends on what I ask of myself when I go out – I plan my days since I don’t like back to back runs and I’m always aiming for 10 mile weeks so if I’m not feeling that much up to it I’m sure 2 miles would be okay for the day…

  4. I find thinking is my enemy .. if I just get up and go I am much more productive, mostly cause I don’t wake up until I am halfway through the run!!

  5. You are SO RIGHT about not thinking about it! I am quite ingenious at thinking of good reasons not to run right now. I’ve managed three days in a row this week (plus Sunday). My 15K is a month and a day away. Yikes!

    1. Yes, my favourite reason was always ‘I’m older so I need more rest days to recover’, but I think four rest days might be pushing it. 😉
      That’s exciting that you’re doing a 15K! I’m sure you’ll be more than ready for it when the time comes. 🙂

      1. I do best if I walk on my recovery days. Regarding the 15K… don’t know, but the entire city of Utica plus the surrounding area turns out to cheer us on, so I should be able to keep going.

  6. I’m bad with finding motivation in the heat as well- it was unbearable today! Good for you for finding it in you to get out there. Once I’m in my gear, I’m more likely to get my butt in gear.

    1. Ciao. Esattamente ! Non sempre stick per i giorni che ho in programma , ma sto cercando di correre almeno tre volte a settimana .
      Ci dispiace il mio italiano non è molto buono – ci proverò comunque . 😉

  7. Well done Kirsten! I ‘thought my way out of running’ yesterday…it was too hot, too sunny, too early, too late…ARGH! No excuses tomorrow – I’m doing at least 3 miles, hopefully 4 😉

    1. Thanks Sharon. Sometimes it really is too hot, too sunny, too early and too late though… although probably not the last two at the same time. 😉
      Have a great run tomorrow. 🙂

  8. well done on the distance! I’ve known people to wear their training gear to bed so all they have to do in the morning is put on their shoes LOL

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