Keep On Going

2015-03-03_SummaryWe all have tough runs sometimes. It’s all part of the ups and downs of training and racing. But whether it’s a training run or the last few miles of a marathon, the only way to get over it is to keep on going.

After this weekend’s bum run, I knew that the only way to stop myself from losing my mojo was to figure out what went wrong, get out there again and have another go. So that’s what I did this evening.

The main mistake that I made at the weekend was that I had started out too fast. I’d been feeling really good after my mid-week recovery run and assumed that I would be back up to speed after the half-marathon the weekend before. But I was wrong. I’d tried to go too fast too soon and paid the price after only a couple of kilometres.

So, this evening I decided to take it nice and easy. The weather was cool and there was a good strong breeze, which for once was a help rather than a hindrance. Instead of pushing against the wind, I allowed it to slow me down and let myself relax into a nice easy pace.

I stuck to the 3:1 run/walk ratio for 5 kilometres and, although it was very slow compared to my usual easy pace, I didn’t mind. In fact, I was enjoying myself so much that after 5K I decided to keep going for another kilometre, but this time without a walk break.

And you know what? It felt fantastic! I’d paced myself well enough to finish strong but without having to push too hard – this, I am gradually learning, is an important lesson in terms of how to tackle training runs. Yes, it’s important to push hard and work on improving speed; but not every run is about chasing a PB.

Sometimes, it’s more important to just get out there and have a nice easy run, while leaving yourself with enough energy to keep on going for the next one.

How’s your training going? How do you recover from races? Do you get straight back into hard workouts or take it easy for a few sessions to keep things ticking over? Please share your thought in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Keep On Going”

    1. Ha ha! You know you will! 🙂
      Running does teach us a lot about life, doesn’t it? I think it has taught me to be more patient and to understand that time invested now pays off later. 😉

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