Getting Closer!

I’ve been trying to focus on pace this week and, since I didn’t have a long run scheduled for today, I thought I’d see if I could improve on Thursday’s 5K PB using a 3:1 run-walk-run for the whole distance, rather than trying to run continuously and then reverting to the ratio when I got tired.

I started off at a good strong pace and made sure I kept things nice and brisk for the walking sections, completing the first kilometre dead on target at 6 minutes flat! This gave me enough encouragement to keep the pace going for the second kilometre. Although it came out at a much slower 6:18 due to the fact that it included two walk breaks instead of one, I wasn’t too worried as I knew that my average pace was still good and I could pick it up over the next few kilometres.

I knew that I needed to shave at least 18 seconds off my average pace and that, if I kept going as I was, I’d have one walk break in the third kilometre and two in the fourth. So I increased my pace by about 10 and 5 seconds respectively, and completed the fourth kilometre at 24:24.

This still left me with a bit of work to do for the final kilometre. I’d have to pick things up considerably to finish in under 30 minutes, so I figured I wouldn’t worry too much about the sub-30 today and just try to beat Thursday’s PB of 30:32, which seemed more achievable.

The old legs were feeling pretty tired by the final kilometre so I had to ease off a little bit, but after the final walk break, I knew I had to go for it. So I picked up the pace again as best I could and managed to finish in 30:03! Not quite the sub-30 I was looking for, but not far off either. And, more importantly, I earned myself another PB!


I probably won’t attempt another PB until next weekend as I want to run a Half Marathon for my 41st birthday on Wednesday; but I’m thinking that maybe when I do try again, I might try a slightly shorter ratio of two and a half minutes running and thirty seconds walking to see what difference that makes.

How’s your training going? Have you experimented with different run/walk ratios? What are your thoughts on shorter v’s longer ratios? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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6 thoughts on “Getting Closer!”

  1. WOW! look at you! You’re so close to your sub-30 goal – no doubt you’ll make it. I changed my ratio yesterday and had a really great run although my legs were a bit ‘spent’ when I finished too, not to mention my breathing. I may have to back off the speed just a little until my breathing catches up 😉

    1. Thanks Sharon. It would be great to get there by the end of the month, but I’m very happy with today’s progress either way.
      That’s great that changing your ratio made a difference to your run yesterday. Getting the pace right can be tricky with a new ratio, and it’s definitely a good idea to back off a little bit on the first couple of runs to get the balance right. I’m sure your breathing will catch up with your legs soon. 😉

  2. Omgosh!! It’s just a matter of time before you conquer that sub-30!! Way to go!!! I’m cheering you on from way over here!

    1. Thank you! I love the support of this blogging community! -)
      Sub-30 has been my goal for a very long time, so It’s really nice to get so close – just a matter of time, patience and getting the runs in, right?
      Good to see your running is picking up again too. 🙂

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