The Getting Lost Game

This whole Jantastic nonsense really seems to be doing the trick in terms of getting me off my backside and out the front door in the evening. take tonight for example. The temperature was 5 C (might as well call it freezing really) and there was an icy breeze blowing in from the sea. It was cold, dark and damp outside, while inside the heating had kicked in, the cat was looking for cuddles and the couch was calling. Which would you choose?

Ordinarily, like any vaguely sane person, I’d opt for the latter. However, as it’s the beginning of the third week of Jantastic and last night was the coldest night of the year so far (not quite as dramatic as it sounds since we’re only 20 days into the year, but it was pretty damn cold nonetheless), I figured I’d better get a run in before the temperature drops even further. So, wrapped up in double layers of everything, I headed out to… not the seafront!

I know. I usually head for the seafront for my evening runs, but the thought of walking for ten minutes in the cold to get to the promenade wasn’t very appealing. I wanted to start running as soon as possible, so I decided to head in the opposite direction, into the residential rabbit warren known as Deepest Darkest Hove. I didn’t have a particular route in mind, so decided just to have a bit of a run around and get myself lost in the winding streets before trying to find my way home again.


The pace was pretty slow, partly because I had to pause to cross roads, but mostly because it was dark and the headlights from the oncoming traffic was glaring on my glasses. But I didn’t mind. It was nice to run somewhere different with plenty of hills and dips to keep things interesting. That and the fact that, once I was off the main road and the streets started twisting and turning, I didn’t have a clue what direction I was running in, never mind where I was on the map that I had going on in my head. At one point I even managed to run in a complete loop without realising it!

After about 5 kilometres, however, I found myself back on familiar ground and decided to head for home. I retraced my steps to the point where I had started running and then continued a bit further to complete a total of 7 kilometres. Not bad for an evening run on an unfamiliar route!

How’s your training going? Do you like to vary your routes or do your prefer stick to the same well trodden paths? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

6 thoughts on “The Getting Lost Game”

  1. For my long easy workout I like to explore. But for my fast pace and shorter workouts I rather stick to the roads I know.

  2. I know I should mix up my routes more but I’m bad for sticking with my favourites. Creature of habit, I guess!
    I must confess to a little curiosity as to the reason you took a different route. Is running to the seafront not an option?

    1. Hmmm… that’s a good point! 😀
      I suppose the main reason I don’t like running to the seafront is that the streets are really badly lit and the pavements are pretty awful – they have trees growing through them so lots of roots to trip over!
      The other reason (which I didn’t think about until now) could be that I’m becoming a bit OCD about the seafront route and don’t want to start running until I get there. 😉

      1. That’s true. I have run on those streets in daylight before, but not for a while. Perhaps I’ll include them on a weekend morning run again to get warm before I hit the seafront. 🙂

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