Another Chilly One

It’s bloomin’ cold on the south coast at the moment, but now that the wind has died down I figured I’d better get a quick 5K done this evening. Well, it is Jantastic and I didn’t fancy playing one of my two Jokers so early on – it’s only the second week after all.

It was pretty quiet down on the seafront and I only saw a couple of other runners, which is quite unusual, although perhaps not that surprising given the current temperature and the fact that it’s Friday evening. Still, that didn’t bother me too much. I was more concerned with getting my run done as quickly as possible so that I could get home and warm again.

I set off at a fairly decent pace, completing the first 3K in 18:52, which is pretty fast for me. So much so, that by the 4th kilometre I was starting to feel a bit tired and decided to take a short walk break. I still managed to pick up the pace  again, completing the 4th a couple of seconds faster than the 1st.

By the 5th kilometre I knew that I was’t going to get close to my PB, so I took another short walk break before picking up the pace again to complete the distance in 31:32. Not my best time, but certainly better than average so I’m happy with that.

All in all, the training is coming along nicely. The big test will be tomorrow though, when I plan to do my longest run so far. Let’s hope the wind and rain hold off… for the morning at least!

How’s your training going? Are you getting your runs in despite the weather? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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