Rest and Stretch

Circle HopAfter my long run on New Year’s Day, I decided to take the whole weekend off from running to get some rest and stretch out the old muscles. To be honest though, I didn’t feel as wiped out as I usually do the day after a long run, but my muscles were aching a bit more than usual. The main problem was my IT band. I’ve felt it go a couple of times over the last few weeks.

The first time was when I did the Virtual Jeff Galloway 13.1. The run was ok, but once I stopped running and slowed to a normal walking pace, I felt a sharp pain in my left knee. A similar thing happened on Thursday, except that it happened when I was about two thirds of the way into a 24K run. Luckily the knee pain eased off and felt fine after a bit of post run stretching, but I could still feel a tightness in the upper leg on Friday.

So, today I’ve been taking it easy and trying out different stretches. I found this video from YouTube quite useful, particularly the first couple of stretches. Definitely worth a go if you’re having similar issues – that and the old faithful foam roller, that is.

It feels strange not running at the weekend, but I know I need to sort this out before next weekend’s 27K run if I don’t want the same thing to keep happening.

Still, I plan to get a couple of runs in mid-week as I’ve signed up for this year’s Jantastic, which starts on Monday, and I don’t want to let the team down in the first week. Fingers crossed – and legs too for good measure! 😉

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2 thoughts on “Rest and Stretch”

  1. Hope you get that sorted out completely. You don’t want it to keep coming back… Especially when you run a marathon. I have been there. Gosh… It was painful. Good luck on your Jantastic run.

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