Running On Lemsip

It took longer than usual to get motivated this morning, partly due to waking up late but mostly because I’ve got a bit of a cold and couldn’t decide whether or not it would be ok to run. After a Tesco imitation Lemsip and a couple of mugs of coffee, however, I figured that I really ought to make the effort. Even if I didn’t manage to complete the 5K that I’d planned, getting any kind of run in would be better than festering on the couch in my PJs. So, at about 10:30, I headed to the seafront for a let’s see how it goes  kind of run.

I thought it would have been busier on the promenade, but was pleased that there weren’t too many people around. A few runners, dog walkers and people out for an nice morning stroll in the sunshine, but nothing compared to Christmas Day.

I set off on my usual route, with the wind behind me, towards the Peace Statue and turned around just before the cafe to face the headwind. The wind was a bit stronger than I was comfortable with, but I kept going, knowing that I had already given myself a sick note to finish early if necessary.

Once I returned to the starting point at the 2K mark, however, I didn’t feel too bad. Having the wind in my face was still a bit annoying, but the temperature was fairly mild and the sun was shining so it seemed like a shame to throw in the towel.

So, I kept going, trying to keep a nice steady pace, and then, as with yesterday, dropped down to a 3:1 run/walk ratio at the 3K mark. As I continued on to the 4th kilometre, I realised that my pace had dropped a bit. It was still ok, but I could probably run a bit faster in the running sections, so I pushed a little bit harder. Not too much, just enough to feel it a bit more, and then something unthinkable happened.

I know they say that you can improve your overall time using run-walk-run, and I have found that on the whole my pace doesn’t very too much whether I use run-walk-run or continuous running for the whole distance; but when I came to the end of my walking section at 28 minutes (just under 4.5K), I realised that if I picked up the pace and kept going until the end, I might just be in with the chance of a PB.

I knew it would be close as my PB was 31:28 and I reckoned by average pace was around 6:20 minutes per kilometre, so I went for it. I picked up the pace again, being careful not to go too fast. Then, at 31 minutes, when I should have stopped to walk, I pushed as hard as I could until the Garmin beeped to let me know I was done. 31:16. A new PB!


But the best part was that I had run that final kilometre in 5:57 minutes using run-walk-run. Now, I don’t know if I could manage that for the whole 5K, but I reckon it’s worth a go. I have two more runs to do before the end of the year, and I’d love to get that elusive sub-30 nailed down once and for all, so I’ll give it a go and see what happens.

Of course, it could just have been the Lemsip. 😉

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19 thoughts on “Running On Lemsip”

  1. Great run! We didn’t get to parkrun today – it was migraine central here again 😒 but we’ll hopefully get there for the first run of 2015 on Thursday. Anyway, when I run with Adam I find that our last km is nearly always sub-6 minutes. I just have to get our first km to under 6:40-ish and then we might be in with a shot.

    Do you think that extending your run interval might help? Just a thought. Great job getting out there though x

    1. The whole extending the run intervals is kind of interesting. According to Jeff Galloway, it’s running shorter intervals that makes you go faster overall, because you run faster on the running sections and cut down on the walking time. I’m yet to be convinced on that one, but might give it a go in the New Year to see if it works.
      Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling so good today. I hope the migraine clears up for Thursday.

      1. Specially sitting here doing nothing 😂 i could be BLOGGING up a storm about all the running hubby is doing withoutbl**dy me!!!! Lol!!! (read crying)

  2. PB, kimlometre… Can’t get my head around on those… Seriously, can’t tell how fast you run in those… LOL 😉 Anyway, good to see you run despite the cold… and that you actually had a good result. I think that, and many would agree, the hardest part is put your shoes on and get out the door. Hope you squeeze those two remaining runs in by the end of the year! 🙂

    1. Ha ha! Thanks. It’s just over 10 min per mile, so not very fast in the grand scheme of things, but I’m happy with it. 🙂
      I’m totally with you on the first step out the door – getting dressed by the coffee machine also helps. 😉

    1. Thanks Sharon. It’s nice to be getting back on form again and the run definitely made me feel a lot better. I reckon the salty sea air helps with a cold, but just getting out makes a big difference too. 🙂

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