A Wet and Windy 5K

According to my new training plan, I was supposed to run yesterday, but unfortunately life and Christmas preparations got in the way and I didn’t have time after work. Not a great start to the first week of training, I know!

However, I wasn’t about to give up at the first hurdle so I made sure that I got my run in this evening instead. The weather wasn’t ideal. It was cold, wet and very windy on the seafront so I decided not to worry about the pace and just focussed on completing 5K.

I started off with the wind behind me and ran 2.5K to the Palace Pier before turning around and heading back to my starting point at Hove lawns. I usually run the other way, towards the lagoon, but I thought that this part of the seafront might offer a bit more protection from the elements.

The headwind was pretty strong on the way back and the rain drizzling on my glasses didn’t help matters, but when I got back onto the section of the promenade by Hove lawns, I realised that I had made a good call. The wind felt a lot stronger on this part of the route and usually gets worse towards the Lagoon, so I was relieved that I had decided to go the other way.

In the end, it was a fairly slow 5K for me, but I did manage to run the whole distance without any problems, so that in itself was a win.

I’m going to have to adjust my training plan slightly to make sure I get all my runs in this week, so I’ll probably cross train tomorrow and run another 5K on Friday before doing the Virtual Jeff Galloway 13.1 at the weekend.

How’s your training going? Are you getting out there and getting it done? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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