Brighton Santa Dash 2014

Brighton Santa Dash 2014Today was my favourite racing event of the year – The Brighton Santa Dash! Apart from the fact that you get to dress up and jog along Hove seafront with 500 or so runners dressed as Santa, the reason that I love this race is that it marks the first anniversary of my first ever 5K race.

The weather was uncharacteristically calm and sunny for this time of year, but there was still a bit of a chill in the air when I met up with my friends at the start line. Luckily the Santa suits kept us warm as we waited for the start.

We set off a little after 10:30, along Hove seafront, and settled into a nice pace for the first kilometre or so. I was running with three work colleagues, which was nice as I usually run on my own.

As we approached the second kilometre, one of my colleagues started to run on ahead, while the other two decided to take a walk break. I was feeling pretty good, if a bit hot in the old Santa suit, so I decided to ditch my hat and see if I could catch up with our leader.

I managed to catch him at around 3 kilometres but then decided to take a walk break myself. Really, I should have ditched my Santa jacket but that would have felt wrong somehow, so I decided just to keep going and enjoy myself, taking walk breaks as and when I felt like it.

I eventually crossed the finish line in 32:19, which is almost a minute faster than last year, so I was happy with that. I met up with my colleague at the finish line and waited to cheer the other two home a few minutes later as they sprinted across the finish line together.

It was really nice running with some friends for a change and even better to enjoy a celebratory coffee and bacon sandwich at the end.

Have you taken part in a festive fun run this year? Do you run on your own or with other people? Please share your thoughts in the comments.

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14 thoughts on “Brighton Santa Dash 2014”

  1. Eee I remember your first santa run race recap from last year! Glad you had a good race. It was my last one of 2014! About 200 Santa’s though so a bit of a smaller one.

    1. It’s kind of scary to think that was a year ago! Not sure if we had as many as 500 either in the end – ours is still quite small compared to what you see in bigger cities, but I kind of like that. :-).

    1. I’d love to do the Glasgow one. I remember talking to my brother a couple of years ago (before my running days) and he said, “You’ll never guess what just happened. I was walking down Sauchiehall Street and suddenly there were hundred of Santas running towards me!” Guess we now know what that was all about! 😉

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