5K and Onion Bhaji

One of the best things about running on Hove seafront on a Friday evening is that, if you get out early enough, you can get a free onion bhaji from Azaro’s on Church Road. Of course, I’m not usually early enough to get one on the way back from my run. By the time I get home from work and get myself out the door again, it’s gone 6:00 and, much as I hate to decline any offer of free food, something tells me that eating onion right before a run is probably not such a good idea.ย This evening, however, I was in luck.

I’d taken a few days off work this week, which meant that I could pretty much go for a run whenever I felt like it. Ideally, I would have gone in the morning but I’ve been feeling pretty tired since Tuesday’s long run, so I decided to leave it and see how I felt later. If truth be told, I almost didn’t go out this evening at all, but somehow I managed to persuade myself. Something to do with the fact that I’ve been feeling a bit fed up with the cold, the lack of daylight and my inability to keep running for 5 kilometres without slowing to a walk.

In the end though, that was what got me. Much as I enjoy run-walk-run, it doesn’t seem to be helping me get back to running continuously for the shorter distances. The only thing that will do that is to actually get out and practise. So that’s what I did.

I headed to the seafront just after 5:00 to see if I could complete a nice easy 5K. The words 5K and easy aren’t something that have gone together for me for a while, so I started off very slowly and allowed my pace to pick up naturally without pushing it.

This seemed to workย quite well. I felt relaxed and comfortable for the first 4 kilometres and was running negative splits (not hard when you start off that slowly, I know), but by the 5th kilometre the head wind was starting to pick up.

I knew I wasn’t going to run a particularly good time, but I still felt strong enough to push a bit harder. Not too much, as I didn’t want to feel like crap again tomorrow, but enough to match the pace that I had set in the 4th kilometre.


In the end I completed the distance in a very slow 33:39 but that didn’t matter. I had run 5K without stopping and it felt really good – even more so when I received my free onion bhaji on the way home.

How do you reward yourself after a run? What’s your favourite post-run snack or treat? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


8 thoughts on “5K and Onion Bhaji”

  1. Hey there, lady! I’ve been reading your latest blogs on running, and you’re well on your way to training for that marathon–I think I read somewhere that that’s the distance in your future, right? Whoo hoo! Good for you! I have always enjoyed following your journey, even if I have taken a hiatus from blogging from time to time. I’m coming back around to running + blogging again, after some time spent healing up with my chiropractor. You know what I was wondering? Wouldn’t it be fun for you and I to Skype sometime!?! Are you up for it? Cheers!

    1. Hey LeeAnn! Good to see you back again. I hope your injury is healing up and that you’ll be running again soon. I follow your Facebook page and have loved your motivational posts over the last few months – gave me the push I needed on more than one occasion!
      Yes, I have signed up for a marathon! I’d already signed up for a half marathon, but then entries re-opened for my local marathon (Brighton) so it would have been rude not to join in, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Skype isn’t really my thing (I’ll drop you an email to explain) but it’s always great to hear from you and I’m looking forward to seeing you back and running again. Catch up with you soon. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Great Job on running the whole distance! I hope to get back there one day…and 33 is good (that would be a ‘fast’ time for me, LOL).
    As you’ve read on my blog, I’ve run for pizza & beer at most of my races but my favorite post run treat is a donut; something about that sugary goodness and knowing I just burned enough calories that it won’t end up on my hips – double bonus!! LOL

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