A Rubbish Run Is Still A Run

Today should have been a 5K continuous run, but it didn’t quite work out that way. I blame my breakfast, and maybe the three bottles of beer I drank last night, but mostly I think it was the breakfast. Normally I have a banana or a bowl of porridge (made with water) about an hour before my run, but this morning I opted for Cheerios and milk. And I think that’s where it all went wrong.

The run started out pretty well. My breathing was fine, my legs felt good and I was in control of my pace. It was all going great until about 2.5 kilometres into the run, when my mouth started to feel dry and my stomach started going a bit wrong – not run to the nearest toilet wrong, but not good either. So, at 3K, I took a walk break.

The walk break seemed to help so I started jogging slowly again, but I was wrong. My stomach just wasn’t feeling right. When I got to 3.5, I decided to turn of the Garmin and call it a day.

After about another half kilometre of walking though, I figured that I could probably manage to run another 1.5 and get my 5K in for the day. I fiddled with the Garminย and somehow set it to start on a new lap. This seemed to be working as I jogged along past my starting point, but once I’d completed a kilometre, taking my recorded run to 4.5K, it beeped at me. Not sure what to do, I pressed the lap button again, thinking I was telling it to record another lap, but the next time I looked at the watch I realised that it had stopped!

At this point, I realised that enough was enough and decided to call it a day. My stomach wasn’t feeling quite as bad and I’d recorded 4.5K – walked a bit more than that and run a bit less, but by this point the numbers didn’t really matter. The main thing was that I’d got my run in.

I also used the Runzi app again to record my cadence. This time though, I wanted to record a continuous run so I stopped the app when I took my walk break at 3K and it turns out that my average cadence was 173 steps per minute, which really isn’t too bad at all.

So, yes, today’s run was a bit rubbish, but it was still a run and at least I’ve learned how to use the lap function on the Garmin and that Cheerios and milk for breakfast is probably not a great idea.

How’s your training going? What’s your favourite pre-run breakfast? What have you learned from those runs that didn’t quite go as planned? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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