No Excuses

Last week was a rest week. I know. Most people have rest days not whole weeks off, but I find I need them from time to time. It’s not something I generally plan for, and they usually happen because I’ve been over-doing the training and need to take a break. But not this time. This time I was just being a bit lazy, and a bit of a wimp, if I’m honest about it.

You see, the weather is a bit rubbish at the moment. It’s cold and wet and very windy, probably too windy to run on the seafront (for me at least), but I’ve never really been a fair weather runner. OK, so there have been times when I’ve re-scheduled, re-routed or shortened my run due to bad weather, but generally I get it done. So what’s going wrong this time?

I think the problem is that I haven’t really got myself into a proper running routine since I started training again. I’m only running once a week, which was absolutely the right thing to do on my return from injury, but now it feels like I need to take things up a notch and try to get back to two or three runs a week.

So, despite the howling winds that have been waking me up at stupid o’clock over the last few days, I decided to stop making excuses and get myself a run in. I thought about staying away from the seafront and doing parkrun instead, but as I was up and ready by 7:30 it seemed silly to wait around. Besides, it wasn’t raining and who knew what the weather might bring later in the morning.

My Garmin took a while to find a satellite as I made my way down towards Hove Lawns. That and the fact that the closer I got to the seafront, the windier it became, made me wonder if this was really such a good idea after all. But as I was up and out I figured I might as well at least give it a go. No excuses, right?

The plan, as far as plans go at the moment, was to run 4 kilometres or 25-30 minutes, depending on how bad the wind got. I figured that if I ran into the wind on the long stretch out, I could take advantage of it on the way back. Unfortunately, this didn’t quite work as the wind was more southerly than south westerly, so I took a good battering for pretty much the whole run.

Still, once I got going I was determined to go the distance and, even though I had to take a short walk break when the wind became a bit too much, I managed to complete 4K in 25:34. That works out at an average pace of 6:23 minutes per kilometre, which is pretty good for me at the moment.


Tomorrow, I plan to do a longer run to build up my endurance for the Brighton Half-Marathon in February and the full Brighton Marathon in April. I’m a bit behind with this but the way I see it is that it’s better to go out and get soaked and blown around for an hour than to have to endure hours of misery in a race that I haven’t prepared for.

No excuses!

How does the weather affect your training? How bad does it have to get before you skip, adapt or re-schedule your run? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


4 thoughts on “No Excuses”

  1. Sounds like a tough run in all that wind. And a great time too! I won’t leave the house in an electrical storm and if the wind is very strong (tree blowing down strong) I won’t go either. Other than that I tough it out. All the best with getting your routine to where you would like it to be. It’s not an easy thing to get the mix right 🙂

    1. Thank you. 🙂 The wind is the biggest problem with running on the seafront in winter, but I reckon it’s worth doing as it gets you working harder – providing you can stay upright for long enough to run, that is. I don’t think I’d risk it in an electrical storm either though. 😉

  2. I’ve had exactly the same problem this lat week. I’ve allowed the time change and the weather to give me a get out clause for not running, but managed to break the cycle of lethargy yesterday (with 10k of Kenyan Hills training) so am back on it now. I think your right in that you just can’t allow yourself any excuses. Good luck with the rest of your plan!

    1. Thank you. And good luck to you too. The hardest thing is breaking the cycle, but once you get back at it you soon remember how brilliant it feels to get out there and get the job done. Well done for getting back on it. 🙂

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