More Cross Training

Tonight was a non-running night, which meant more cross training on the exercise bike.

I did the same 20 minute routine as Tuesday’s workout, except that I tried to get my heart rate a bit higher. This wasn’t easy as, even though my heart and lungs felt more than capable of working a lot harder than they were, my legs didn’t; and what’s more, I didn’t want to take any chances.

Listen to your body. That’s the number one rule, right? Well, it is for me. For the moment at least.

Don’t get me wrong. I am more than happy (quite literally!) to push myself as hard as I can when my fitness is good and I’m injury free, but now isn’t the time for that. I’m using the exercise bike to keep the pressure off the ankle and achilles while building up my strength and endurance, and so far it seems to be working. So there’s no point in risking more damage elsewhere in the process.

Tomorrow, I plan to have a rest day. The first rest day this week.  That means no running and no exercise bike; just the usual mile and a half walk to and from work, which doesn’t really count as training any more. Then, hopefully, I’ll have the strength in my legs to up the distance on my long run this weekend.

How’s your training going? Are you getting enough rest days into your training program? Please share your thoughts in the comments.



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