3K And An Onion Bhaji

It has been a long time since I went out for a mid-week evening run and I have to admit, I’ve missed it. A lot.

After a long day at the office, heading out into the dark damp drizzle for a run along the seafront was just what I needed this evening. I wasn’t aiming for anything spectacular. Just a solid 3K run to unwind, clear my head and enjoy the peace and solitude of running in the dark. And that’s pretty much what I got.

I started off slow and steady and didn’t even look at my watch to check the pace. I knew it wasn’t fast, and it didn’t need to be, but as I got into the rhythm of running again, I could feel the pace increasing. But I didn’t push it. In fact, I did the opposite.

I focussed on staying relaxed and loose, keeping my posture strong and my strides short and light, making sure that I wasn’t putting too much strain on my ankle and achilles.

In the end, I completed the distance in just under 20 minutes, which isn’t fast by any means, but at an average pace of 6:33 minutes per kilometre is pretty much where I should be at the moment. 2014-10-29_Splits By the time I had finished, I was feeling pretty hungry. That’s the only problem with running in the evening. If I want to get out and run, I have to do it before I eat, otherwise it won’t happen. But on the way home, as I passed one of the restaurants on Church Road, there was a waitress outside giving out free onion bhaji to passers by. Now how could I refuse that?

So, all in all, things seem to be progressing nicely. I won’t run again until the weekend but I plan to use the exercise bike again tomorrow to keep things ticking over.

How’s your training going? When do you do your mid-week runs? Do you prefer to run in the evening? Or are you an early bird who likes to start off the day with a workout? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


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