Oh Go On… Just One More Then

I really thought I had run my last race of the year, but then someone mentioned this…

Santa Dash 2014

Yup, it’s Santa Dash season! And since my local Santa Dash takes place on my regular running route, I figured that it would just be rude not to enter. So, I signed up today and, what’s more, even managed to persuade some of my co-workers to join in the fun.

The Santa Dash, for those of you who haven’t done one, is a 5K charity fun run where you get to dress up in a Santa suit (complete with beard, hat and trousers that never stay up) and go for a bit of a run, jog or shuffle with a few hundred other Santas of all shapes and sizes to raise a few smiles and a bit of cash for charity.

I took part in the Brighton Santa Dash last year and, as my first 5K event outside of parkrun, I absolutely loved it! The atmosphere was amazing and, even though I ran on my own, I found that there were plenty of other solo runners to chat to, which really boosted my confidence and made me realise that when it comes to running you are never really on your own.

Signing up for this year’s event has also given me the motivation to get back to continuous running in some form or another. I know I have to be careful in terms of injury, but the ankle/achilles is feeling ok so I’ll probably go for a short run tomorrow evening, all being well.

I don’t know if the cross training is making any difference or not yet, but my legs felt pretty good today after yesterday’s session on the exercise bike. So much so, that I decided to increase my time on it this evening by an extra five minutes. As with yesterday, I judged the workout by using heart rate zones, starting with five minutes in the lower zone, followed by ten minutes in the higher zone, and then back down to the lower zone for a final five minutes.

Again, it wasn’t a particularly strenuous workout, but itΒ felt good to get some exercise in after a day at the office.

How’s your training going? Have you got any more races lined up for this year? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


4 thoughts on “Oh Go On… Just One More Then”

  1. OMG that sounds like the coolest race ever! πŸ˜€ I’m obsessed with Christmas so this would be the perfect race for me. I should really put this on my running bucket list haha πŸ˜€
    My training is going well. I’m running my first full marathon on November 30th πŸ™‚

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