Four Months To Go!

Four months seems like a long way away. Too long in some ways; not long enough in others. Either way though, it’s about time I put my half-marathon training plan into action. So, starting from tomorrow, I’m officially back in training for my biggest race so far.

The Brighton Half Marathon

Have you run a half-marathon? What are your top training tips for a first time half-marathoner? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Four Months To Go!”

  1. Being fresh off my first Half I would say to follow one of Hal Higden’s run/walk training programs:

    The other piece of advice I’d give is to make sure you are properly fueled – both before the race and during. I don’t think I had enough to eat before or during and I was so completely exhausted at the end I started getting light headed. I had run 12 miles just two weeks before that and didn’t have any trouble – the difference was how much I ate before and during 😦 First-timer mistakes I guess!

    Good Luck with your training 🙂

    1. Thanks Sharon. I think I’ll use that training plan too and maybe adapt it a little bit. I hate to admit it, but fuelling up properly is a huge weak point for me, so I’ll definitely take your advice and make sure I remember to have something during the race as well as beforehand.
      I hope you’re recovering nicely after last weekend. 🙂

  2. Check what energy drinks they provide on the course, then test them on your training runs. That way you will know if they agree with you and if not you can make other arrangements.

    1. Hi Sam. That’s a really good idea! I’ll definitely check out what drinks they have and use the next couple of months to try out different gels and energy bars too. Many thanks! 🙂

  3. I’m signing up for the Brighton marathon this week with my colleague…pretty nervous but excited to see how it goes. I’ll keep watching to see how your training is going:-) Good luck.

    1. Thanks Hannah. I’m feeling the same way – nervous and excited, but really looking forward to the training. I’ll pop over and visit you at your blog too. Best of luck! It’s going to be awesome!!! 🙂

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