Post Run Paddle

It’s finally starting to feel like summer here on the South Coast, so much so that I’m having to make sure that I get out early for my weekend morning runs before it gets too hot.

I had planned to get out before 7:00 am for this morning’s run but after last night’s slightly greasy spag bol, my stomach wasn’t really up for such an early start. Luckily, things settled down by about 8:00 am and I headed for the seafront for a nice easy 7K.

It was already warm down on the seafront and there wasn’t much of a breeze to cool things down, but I was feeling pretty relaxed about it and decided that I would take a walk break if I had to. This is something that I usually avoid but, as I’m really not very good in the heat generally, I realised that it would probably do me more harm than good to push it.

2014-06-22_7KSo, I took some walk breaks: one at 4.9 kilometres, another at 5.4 kilometres and a final one at 6.1 kilometres. Each break was only for about 100 metres, so it didn’t make too much difference to my overall pace. In fact, it probably helped as it meant that I drank more water than I would have done had I kept running.

By the time I finished, however, I had almost run out of water and was feeling pretty hot and sweaty. Normally I have about half a bottle left to drink as I stretch and cool down before heading home, but that wasn’t an option today, so I tried something different. Something that I’ve thought about doing before, but never got around to trying. I went for a paddle in the sea.

I know. It’s obvious, right? A natural ice bath within minutes of finishing a run! They say that it’s supposed to help ease muscles aches and, to be honest, I’ve always been a bit sceptical about that – mostly because I hate the thought of jumping into a bath of ice – but this morning’s post run paddle really seems to have done the trick.

I wasn’t in the water for long, maybe about five minutes or so, and I only went in up to my knees, but the usual aching calves that I experience after a run (even with stretching) are nowhere to be found this morning. In fact, apart from feeling a little bit tired, my legs feel better now than they have done in weeks!

So,ย it looks like running in the heat isn’t so bad after all.

What are your thoughts on ice after a run? Do you take ice baths or do you prefer to just a have a good stretch? Please share your thoughts in the comments?

4 thoughts on “Post Run Paddle”

  1. It sounds like the cold water was just what you needed. After yesterday’s run on the river path we joked about jumping in the water – maybe next time we’ll do it! So glad to hear you’re getting your ‘legs’ back, reading about your running adventures keeps me motivated ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. Ha ha! Don’t think you’d get me jumping in the river, although with the temps you’re getting at the moment I’d probably be tempted too… I’d definitely dip a toe in though. ๐Ÿ˜‰

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