VRUK Blog Hop #4

Circle HopI didn’t get a Virtual Run in last month, which is pretty bad since I’m supposed to be hosting the thing, but I have my reasons.

Mostly, it was because I was training for the London 2 Brighton Challenge, which meant lots and lots and lots of walking!

So, even though I didn’t manage to run 10K or even 5K for the whole of May, I did manage to walk a total of 119K in May, with a bit of jogging thrown in here and there.

This month though, what with Juneathon and a new 10K training plan, I’m trying to get back into running again. It’s not easy after the last couple of months of walking, but I’m slowly starting to build it up again and am looking forward to seeing if I can get back up to speed for this month’s Virtual Run.

One of my favourite things about Virtual Running though, is that you get to connect with new runners through the Virtual Running UK Blog Hop. It’s still quite small as blog hops go, but I kind of like that as it means that you can get round all of the other blogs more easily. Here’s the link if you’re interested: Virtual Running UK Blog Hop.

Have you tried Virtual Running yet? Click here to find out about this month’s virtual races.


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