Juneathon Day 4: Second Attempt At Yoga

My legs were feeling a bit stiff today after yesterday’s run (yes, I know it was only a short run, but I’m a bit out of practice) so I thought I’d have another go at some Yoga to see if it might help loosen things up a bit.

I decided to follow the same workout that I used on Monday and, to my surprise, it was a bit easier the second time round. I’m still not quite there with some of the stretches, but having done it once before, I found that I could focus a bit more on what I was doing rather than watching the video.

The main difference that I noticed was that I was much more relaxed than I had been on Monday. I could focus more on breathing and even felt slightly more flexible. I’m not sure if it was this that made me more relaxed, or if being more relaxed to begin with made the workout itself easier.

Either way though, I did enjoy it and will continue to practice on my non-running days as part of my training for my next 10K race in July.

Are you taking part in this year’s Juneathon? Do you do Yoga as part of your training? Has it helped with your running or general fitness? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


6 thoughts on “Juneathon Day 4: Second Attempt At Yoga”

      1. Ah yes, the lovely Ester! I did that one a lot while I was marathon training but haven’t done it for a while. It’s great especially the runners lunge near the end. Ouch. I wouldn’t mind finding an alternative, a bit if variety. I’ll have a look on tinterweb.

      2. She is fab! 🙂 I’m going to stick with Ester for now. There are plenty to choose from on YouTube, but her’s was the only one that kept my attention for more than five minutes. I think she has quite a few videos on there though.

  1. Reading about your yoga experiment prompted me to experiment with some Pilates exercises I had been meaning to try. Not sure I’m a fan of them yet, but I’ll continue with them this week and see where they lead!

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