A Walk To The Beach

I had hoped to have a nice long run this morning, what with it being a Bank Holiday and all, but as often happens with this running lark, things didn’t quite go to plan!

After my mid-week run, I had been feeling pretty good, but on Wednesday when I was walking to work, I noticed a bit of a niggle in my left calf. It doesn’t feel like anything too serious, but I decided not to run for a few days, just to be on the safe side. I mean, the last thing I need with just over a month to go before the London to Brighton 100K Challenge is to get myself injured.

However, time is running out as far as my training is going, so instead of running this morning, I decided to go for a nice long walk to Shoreham. Ideally, my walking should involve hills, but with a niggly calf, the flat road seemed like a safer option.

It was a lovely morning for walking and, despite the fact that most of the route was along an industrial estate and the side of a main road, I really enjoyed it as I was still close to the sea.

Shoreham Power Station
Shoreham Power Station

I found the walk itself pretty easy, even with my cumbersome backpack (I really must get a new one soon), and it took me just under two hours to get to Shoreham. When I got there, I took a walk along the board walk and then ventured down onto the stones to give my legs a bit more of a workout.

Shoreham Beach
Shoreham Beach

In the end, I covered just over 20K and, while I felt I could have done a bit more, I didn’t want to aggravate whatever it is that’s going on with my calf. Besides, I need to be on good form for the start of my World Tour of Parkrun tomorrow!

What do you do when you feel a niggle coming on? Do you run through it, take some time off or find another way to train? Please share your thoughts in the comments.


11 thoughts on “A Walk To The Beach”

  1. For a niggle like that I would usually back off for a few days and do loads of stretching and foam rolling. I also get a regular sports massage to nip any knots or niggles in the bud before they become an issue. Hope it clears ups soon!

    1. Walking on the flat didn’t seem to aggravate it so I’m glad I chose to do that. I’ve also chosen a nice flat parkrun for this morning’s tour so fingers crossed. 🙂

  2. Niggles scare me because I’ve gotten injured trying to run through a couple, especially one on my calf which became a calf tear really soon. I’d definitely wait a few days now than a month later… yes, I have learned my lesson.

    1. That was exactly what I was thinking! I picked up an achilles injury towards the end of C25K last year and ran through it – ended up being out of action for a few weeks, so trying to avoid doing that again. Cheers! 🙂

  3. My recent experience tell me to take notice of all niggles – stretch, ice if necessary and then if it’s still an issue at least go get a sports massage. The masseuse should be able to recognise if something is overly tight or not feeling right. Don’t run through it, that’s hard for us but so important for long term running health.

  4. 20k is good going considering you had a niggle. Good for you and anything can sit alongside the sea but as you’re by the sea that simply makes it all better.

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