A Nice Easy 10K

After all of the walking and walk/running over the last couple of weeks, it was nice to get back out on the seafront and just run for an hour. It still counted as a training run but, for once, I wasn’t bothered about my pace or distance. I just wanted to relax and enjoy a nice leisurely run with no stopping  and starting or clock watching.

One of the things that I am very bad at when it comes to training runs is sticking to the right pace. I tend to push myself a bit too much towards PBs, which usually leaves me feeling exhausted and unable to run for the next couple of days.

However, now that I am training for my first 100K, the whole concept of getting faster has gone out the window. Instead, I need to focus on getting time on my feet, which means more running and more walking and more days of training each week. In short, I need to go slower.

So, this evening I took things easy. I started my run before I reached the promenade because it didn’t matter if I had to slow down to pass other pedestrians or pause to cross the road; I didn’t worry when I started slowly or try to pull back when the pace picked up; in fact, I barely even looked at my watch the whole time I was out there.

And the result? I wasn’t out of breath when I finished, my legs didn’t ache when they stopped, and I’m not falling asleep as I write my post run blog post. Instead, I feel totally relaxed, content and confident about having another run later in the week.

As for the pace, which is still interesting even though it’s not important tonight, averaged out at 6:45 per kilometre. Not bad for a nice easy 10K!



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