VRUK Blog Hop #2

Paula Radcliffe

This week has been a quiet one in terms of running: partly because I’ve been feeling a bit under the weather, but mostly because I’m doing the BM10K on Sunday. Still, as it’s the first Saturday of the month, I thought I’d better do a little post for the Virtual Running UK Blog Hop.

About VRUK

For those of you who are new to the blog or haven’t been around for a while, I set up Virtual Running UK a couple of months ago as a way to connect with more running bloggers and raise a bit of money for charity. While you don’t have to pay to run the virtual race and join the blog hop, there is the opportunity to win a medal for each race. This month, all of the money for the medals goes to The British Heart Foundation as part of my fundraising efforts for the London to Brighton 100K Challenge in May.

Join The VRUK Blog Hop

To join the blog hop, all you have to do is get a registration number from Virtual Running UK, run one of the races on offer, submit your time and then write a blog post about your running on the first Saturday of the month.

While some bloggers post about their virtual race, others might want to do something more general if they ran their virtual race earlier the previous month. Either way, as long as it’s running related it doesn’t really matter.

Just remember to post a link back to Virtual Running UK, include the VRUK Blog Hop Badge with your post and hop by to visit the other virtual running bloggers who are taking part.

Circle Hop

So, back to my post for this month…

This Month’s Post

I found that, on the whole, the training has gone pretty well over the last month. Despite (or maybe because of) reducing my training sessions to two or three instead of four a week, I started to see some significant improvements in my 5K and 10k times and managed to get some new PBs for both distances.

I’m still not very fast when I compare my times with those of the other runners in this month’s virtual races, and I know I will be right at the back of the field for the BM10K on Sunday, but that doesn’t matter. The important thing is that I have made progress and that makes me very happy.

This week though, as I said, I have been taking it easy, with just one 10K run earlier in the week to reassure myself that I am ready for tomorrow’s race. The run went much better than I thought it would, especially as I was recovering from a bad cold, finishing just five seconds over my current PB.

I later discovered that the pollution levels in the city were much higher than usual earlier this week, which may have contributed to how I was feeling. It also explains why, when I wiped my forehead after my run, I could see small grains of salty stuff on my fingers. This isn’t that unusual as I often notice that my skin is quite saltly after running on the seafront, but this did seem a bit strange at the time as it wasn’t particularly windy and the salty stuff was more orange than usual.

But all that aside, I am feeling pretty good about tomorrow’s 10K. It’s the first time they’ve held a 10K race as part of Brighton Marathon Day, so it’s nice to be part of the start of something new. Even though I’m not running in the marathon itself, the atmosphere is usually really good along the route and it will be nice to run on familiar roads without having to worry about traffic.

The best part about tomorrow though, is that our official starter is going to be none other than Paula Radcliffe. It’s not often that you get one of the greatest living marathon runners starting a humble 10K race, so that in itself is very exciting!

Paula Radcliffe

Anyway, enough rambling from me. I’ve been to the expo and got my number, so now it’s time to relax and catch up with some reading and visit some of the other blogs on the hop.

BM10K Number

Have a great weekend!


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