Negative Splits

This evening I completed the second run in my new 10K training plan. The aim was to run 5K at something close to my 10K pace, which going by my one and only 10K race performance is about 6:49 mins per kilometre. But of course it didn’t quite work out like that.

As I approached the seafront, the wind seemed to be picking up, but I figured it would be ok to run in. So I set off at a conservative pace with the wind behind me for the first half kilometre.

When I turned to head west, however, I realised that the wind was a bit stronger than I had first thought. It was ok to run against, but I knew that there was no way I could sustain a pace of less that 7:00 mins per kilometre until my turning point at the 3K mark. So I changed my plan.

Instead of aiming for a consistent pace, I decided to use the wind to my advantage and try to run negative splits. There was no way I was going to go out too fast against 29 mph gusts; and I figured I could easily pick up my pace for the final 2K with the wind at my heels. And for once the plan actually worked!

With the wind against me, I was careful not to push too hard but gave it enough effort to increase the pace slightly as I went, checking my watch occasionally to make sure that I stayed on track; then, when I turned around to head back to the starting point, I picked it up even more and and gained a good momentum with the wind behind me.

5K Splits-2014-02-20

Even with a good tail wind, it wasn’t always easy to maintain the pace, but somehow I managed to run the final kilometre in under 6 minutes! I know, it’s way too fast for what I was aiming for this evening, but on balance, I think the effort level was probably about right as I finished with and average pace of 6:40 mins per kilometre, which is pretty close to my 10K pace.

So, all in all, it was a good run and the graph doesn’t look too bad either!

5K Pace 2014-02-20I guess even bad weather can be useful after all.


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