Parkrun PB?

I’d been looking forward all week to today’s Parkrun. So after a rather unsettled night of being woken up by the wind battering on my windows, I was happy when the sun came up and the gusts began to weaken.

There was still a bit more than a breeze when I headed to the park to join the other two hundred or so runners for this morning’s run, so it wasn’t surprising that the turnout was a bit lower than usual – that and the fact that it’s the Brighton Half-Marathon tomorrow!

I was hoping that, after conquering my first 10K race last weekend, I might be on for a 5K PB today, so I’d planned to start more towards the middle of the pack than the back to give myself a better chance. With such a low turnout, however, I was still near the back even though I started closer to the line than usual.

Perhaps it was a fear of coming last, or the fact that many of the slower runners had decided to stay at home today, but I found myself setting off at a much faster pace than usual. I had planned to do the first kilometre in something close to 6:30 and then go for negative splits, but ended up doing 6:13 and then got progressively slower for the first three kilometres.

I could use the excuse that I was running against the wind, but as the Parkrun is a circuit, I found that the wind was actually behind me on the inclines. Although, perhaps that’s why the first kilometre went so quickly? Either way though, I was feeling pretty good.

5K Splits-2014-02-15

I hit my slowest kilometre in the third, at just under 6:30, and tried to maintain that pace until the final stretch to try to recharge some of the energy I had spent by going out too quickly. This seemed to do the trick as I was able to pick up my pace and finish the run in 32:08 for 5.09K, according to my Garmin.

I was feeling pretty excited as, even though Parkrun had recorded my PB incorrectly as 32:12 on a previous run (I emailed them about this but they never sorted it out), my actual Parkrun PB was 32:25. So, not only was I pretty certain that I had a new real PB, but I was also hoping that the incorrect one would be cancelled out at long last!

However, when I received my official time, I was shocked to discover that I had recorded 32:52! Now, I know that’s not right because my watch was pretty much in synch with the timings we were given as we ran round, so I can only assume there was a mix up with the barcodes or something.

I have emailed them and I guess it’s not a big deal in the grand scheme of things, but it is kind of annoying to take part in a timed run and then be given the wrong time at the end of it.

Still, the main thing is that I got up this morning and went for my run and, PB or no PB, it was still a lot of fun. And apart from anything else, it will definitely give me some more motivation to run faster next week!

Do you do Parkrun? Have you had any problems with incorrect times? What’s the best way to get it sorted if you do? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.


2 thoughts on “Parkrun PB?”

  1. I do Park Run quite often and generally I start my watch at the time they say go. Ive ran about 57 now and have had 2 incorrect times and I’ve emailed and they have sorted it out but it depends on the event. As you’ve said in grand scheme it isn’t a big thing but when it comes to PBs it feels very important. Keep up the work.

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