From Dark Clouds To Blue Skys

I wasn’t sure if I was going to run this morning or not. The weather was looking a bit grim, but that wasn’t the problem. I was tired, grumpy and basically just not feeling it today. Deep down though, I knew that I really needed it.

My last run was Monday and, as there’s just over a week to go until my first 10K race, I wanted to get a couple of decent runs in this weekend so that I can have a few rest days before the big day. So for once I took my own advice. I switched off my brain and got myself dressed next to the coffee machine, which really does help by the way.

It was pretty cold this morning, but I just wore my usual kit – a long sleeved shirt under a short sleeved one and leggings under my trousers so that I wouldn’t freeze. As soon as I stepped outside though, I started to regret it.

It wasn’t just cold. It was raining too. A cold icy drizzle that almost made me go back inside for a jacket. But I decided against it. I always get hot when I’m running and the jacket would get heavy if it started to pour down – I know, I really should get a proper running jacket instead of my old hoody. But that’s for another pay packet.

So, I headed down the street and across the railway bridge, feeling cold and damp while trying to get my mind into focus for the run. I figured that I wasn’t going to bother today with negative splits or beating my PB. Just get a nice easy run in and enjoy being out in the park. No pressure, just good fun and a bit of exercise.

Just as I was getting hold of my mind, I reached the end of the railway bridge and realised that the heavy rain had turned to hailstones! This wasn’t good. Hailstones hurt. Perhaps the universe was trying to tell me something. Go home. Today is not your day for running!

Fortunately I tend to become quite stubborn when I’m told what to do or not do, and I make no exceptions for the weather or the universe, so I thought Sod you! I’m up, I’m out, and I’m cold and wet already so I’ll bloomin well run if I want to!

And I did. And it worked. The weather, universe or whatever it was that was casting that dark cloud over my day promptly buggered off, leaving a beautiful blue sky and bright sunshine behind. And the run was pretty good too!

I completed the Parkrun in 32:25, which worked out at just under 32 minutes when taking away the extra 0.10K (I start right at the back!) and the 4 seconds that it took to get moving, so all in all it turned out to be not just a good day for running, but one of my best so far!

I guess it just goes to show that some runs are meant to be, regardless of what the weather or the universe would have you believe.


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