First Parkrun 2014

I know, this week should be my second park run of the year, but I had to skip last week on account of the fact that I was feeling lazy. Well, that and the fact that I wanted to do a long run the following day and didn’t want to tire myself out too much. But now that I am happy that I can run 10K, a return to the park this morning seemed like a good idea.

After so much distance and endurance training, I’ve found that my running has slowed down quite a bit. Well, running slower does help you run for longer, right? Or at least, that was my thinking for my longer runs over the last few weeks.

While this strategy has certainly worked in terms of achieving my goal to run 10K, it seems to have resulted in an inability to pick up the pace on the 5K runs.

Don’t get me wrong. This morning’s Parkrun wasn’t bad. It was a beautiful sunny morning and the temperature was just about right. I even managed to run at a fairly consistent pace for the most part, without wanting to walk, stop or quit. It felt good. I felt good. But I just couldn’t pick up the pace in the 4th kilometre.

Splits 2014-01-11

Perhaps my legs were just tired, or maybe my muscles are still recovering from Tuesday, but I think it’s more than that. I think it’s time to bite the bullet and get back into some speed training!


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