After The Storm

After The StormThankfully the storms that have been battering the south coast seem to have passed for the time being and, despite the beach’s temporary migration to the promenade, there were plenty of people around this morning to take advantage of the calmer weather.

I’m not sure if it was due to the nice weather or the fact that I headed out later than usual this morning, but the seafront was buzzing with people. As well as a notable increase in the number of runners and joggers (New Year’s resolutions looking good!), there were dozens of dogs, plenty of walkers and more than a handful of photographers capturing the aftermath of the storms.

The promenade itself had taken quite a beating, with many of the beach huts looking battered and broken and the the path itself was covered in pebbles, seaweed and other flotsam and jetsam that had been washed up by the unusually high tides. So much so, that finding a path through it all was a bit of a challenge.

Used to running on a clear path, I found running on the stones and pebbles a bit tricky. As well as being harder on the legs, there was the added danger of rolling my ankle which, with my achilles almost back to normal, was a bit of a worry. But I took it easy and it felt fine. In fact, I kind of enjoyed hopping around a bit to dodge the larger pebbles and find clear patches to land my feet on.

My goal for today’s run was to build up my distance in preparation for the Chichester 10K, which takes place in just over a month’s time. I was aiming for 5 miles but, as I often do, decided to go a bit further and ended up doing 5.7 miles (just under 9.2 kilometres) – my furthest run yet!

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good about my progress. Ok, so I’ve skipped quite a few of runs on my training schedule, some due to poor weather and others because I felt I needed a rest, but it doesn’t seem to be causing any problems. If anything, I’m finding that listening to my body and taking rest days when I need them seems to be helping.

How’s your training going? Has your schedule been affected by winter weather? Have the interruptions helped or hindered your progress? Please share your thoughts and ideas in the comments.


13 thoughts on “After The Storm”

  1. This is great going – you probably find it was busy as everyone was storm watching!

    Brilliant distance – you’ll be at 10K before you realise it and when you do it will feel excellent.

    Well done

    1. Thanks Keith. I must admit that my morbid curiosity had me looking forward to seeing the benches covered with pebbles on the promenade almost as much as I was looking forward to the run itself! Nice to see so many people out and about though. 🙂

  2. Good for you…that’s a great distance! I’m running vicariously through you as I’m still nursing my broken toe. I really miss running and I can only hope all this down time doesn’t completely ruin my progress.

  3. Great job and great blog! Awesome photo to kick it all off! Like, literally, I am sure you were kicking those stones! Yes, I live in Minnesota where we are in a deep freeze, and my workout has been taken indoors. Back to the treadmill for a few days! Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Excellent effort and the increase in distance is impressive you should find in the coming weeks you can find a good comfortable 10k pace to build on. I’m glad you are also realising the benefits of rest days, I use to overtrain often and have learnt rest is vital. My training is still going well although cycling had been hit by the high winds.

  5. Well done on building up your distance, your well on track for Chichester! I liked going out post storm for a run and so far the weather hasn’t impacted to much on my training plan. But I think you guys had it worse down south!

    1. Thanks Sam. It’s crazy that the South are getting the bad weather now. This wasn’t part of the deal when I moved down here from Scotland – reckon they should give me a refund! 😉

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