A Bit Of A Wash Out

This wintry weather is really playing havoc with my training plan. Not only did I manage to miss every mid-week run this week (again!), but my weekend running has also been a bit of a wash out. Today though, the weather seemed a bit better, so after a light late breakfast, I headed down to the seafront for this week’s long run – 4.5 Miles.

As with last Sunday, the weather was a bit breezy with some drizzle in the air. Ideal for blowing away the cobwebs and getting set up for the rest of the day.

However, when I reached the promenade and started my usual stretching routine, the weather decided to take a turn for the worse as the heavens opened and the wind picked up. According to the Met Office website, we had gusts of about 37 mph, but who knows how accurate that is.

Anyway, I figured that it was still worth setting off. I was going to get soaked walking home anyway, so I might as well run.

The first kilometre wasn’t too bad as the wind was behind me, but I could tell that it was going to be tough running against it, so I decided to run around the lawns and back up to the road where it might be a bit less gusty.


As I changed direction though, I soon discovered that it was impossible to keep going. The wind was pretty strong, but that wasn’t the problem. I could have persevered with it, pushing against it at a slower pace than usual, but as soon as the cold air hit my lungs, I was in agony. I just couldn’t catch my breath. Even walking made my chest painful, so I stopped. I turned off my RunKeeper app and abandoned the run.

Once I was off the main stretch of the seafront though, I found that the wind wasn’t too bad and, even though I was feeling pretty drenched and miserable, I decided that abandoning my run completely would only make me feel worse. So I started up again.

I wasn’t too bothered about my 4.5 Miles by this point. I just wanted to get some running done, so I headed off on a slow jog through the streets of Hove. I didn’t really have much of a plan about what route to take. I’d just try to keep out of the wind and avoid crossing the road as much as possible.


In the end, I managed just over 4K before deciding it was time to go home and get dried off, making my total distance for the day 5.17K, or 3.21 Miles. Not what I had planned for, but better than nothing.

Of course, now that I’m home, the rain has passed and the sky has brightened up, so at least the whole day isn’t going to be a wash out.

4 thoughts on “A Bit Of A Wash Out”

  1. wow, sounds like the weather was pretty bad. I’m with you on the cold air in the lungs – that will stop me every time. At least you gave it a go and ended up with a good run. We’ve got a pretty big weather front rolling through right now, on the front side its 70 degrees but on the back side its 40’s! Stay dry!

    1. The weather here is crazy as it has turned out to be a lovely day – still cold but nice and sunny. I guess that’s why we Brits go on about it so much. 😉
      Sounds like you’re in for a cold one too – staying dry (and warm) is definitely the way to go.

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