Increasing The Distance

I wasn’t sure if I was going to run this morning. After yesterday’s 5K Santa Dash, I was feeling a bit tired and stiff, but after an extra hour in bed and with the thought of having to brave the shops for some Christmas shopping instead, I decided to go for it.

According to my training schedule, Sunday is all about distance. The plan is to increase my running distance by half a mile each week so that, in eight weeks time, I should be fairly comfortable with running 10K. So, this morning I set my RunKeeper app to three one mile splits with a half mile split to finish.

I headed for the seafront as usual, with the intention of keeping the pace as slow as possible to ensure that I could cover the distance. There was a nice breeze but it wasn’t too chilly, so I set off at what felt like a nice comfortable pace.

I decided to add the extra half mile to the start of my usual route. It’s a bit of a psychological game that I play with myself, but somehow the idea of doing the extra at the start of the run rather than at the end seems to help if I’m struggling with the last kilometre or so.


The problem with this though, is that this morning I didn’t map out my distance before I started running, so I wasn’t sure about when to turn around and head back. In the end, because I was feeling pretty good, I ran all the way to my usual turning point, with the intention of stopping wherever the 3.5 mile mark turned out to be.

However, when my RunKeeper app told me that my workout was complete, this meant that I had to walk a bit further than I had thought. This isn’t usually an issue for me and I generally stop running when I’m told to, but this morning I decided to keep running all the way back to my starting point.

In the end, I completed 3.86 miles (6.22 kilometres) in 42:48, which I was surprised at because I thought it would have been a lot slower, especially after yesterday’s 5K. Still, I’m not complaining. I’m actually feeling pretty good and might even manage to drag myself into town for some Christmas shopping after all.

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