5K To10K Training Schedule

Today is the first day of my new 5K to 10K training schedule. My two main goals at this stage are to improve my 5K time and build up my endurance so that I can run for a whole 10K without stopping.

While I considered doing Couch To 10K, I decided against it because I wanted to experiment with different types of workouts. In the end, I decided to use the Hal Higdon 10K Intermediate Program as a starting point, with a few adjustments to suit my own level of fitness as well as my personal goals.

The plan is to run five days most weeks, with each day having a specific focus. Today, Tuesday, is all about pacing. From what I have read, it seems that the best way to do well in a race is to run negative splits, holding back enough for the first part of the race so that you have enough energy left for a good strong finish.

So, this evening I decided to start with three miles, pacing myself so that each mile would be faster than the next. I started off at a nice slow steady pace, trying to keep it fairly even for the first mile. Although I did have to slow myself down at times, on the whole it worked quite well. My splits per mile came out as follows:


However, the RunKeeper graph, tells a slightly different story, with the pace varying a quite a bit within each split.

2013-12-03_PaceWhile some of this is down to the inaccuracy of the app’s GPS, I know myself that the running wasn’t as even as I’d planned.Β The main reason for this is that, at the back of my mind, I’m always wanting to achieve a better overall time.

This is something that I need to work on. Every training session has its own purpose. It’s not about getting a PB in training; it’s about getting ready for the race, which means preparing both the body and the mind for race day.

So, for me, Tuesday is about pacing – keeping it nice and even so that, when it comes to race day, I can pick up the pace at the right time for a good strong finish and, hopefully, a new PB.


10 thoughts on “5K To10K Training Schedule”

  1. oh, I will be interested to read about this! As I will probably move to 5 to 10k run soon, and very curious as to how it happens. I heard it is as hard as couch to 5k…

  2. I’ll be following along on your journey – living vicariously through you! My Run for God group is going to be doing a 10k program next month but I am definitely not ready for it…not physically or mentally! But I’ll be interested to read how it goes for you. πŸ™‚

    1. Ha ha! Well, I’m not sure how ready I am either, but now that I signed up for a race, I kind of feel like I ought to. .;-)
      I’d agree that you shouldn’t jump straight into 10K right away though. After all that hard work, it’s nice to enjoy being able to run for 5K or 30 minutes, without worrying about the next hard workout. πŸ™‚

  3. Sounds a good plan. Remember to try to not schedule high intensity or hard runs back to back as you will take fatigue into the next. Also include a long run where you run lower pace to build endurance and distance. Hope the advice helps in some way . My first race event in 2010 was a 5 mile run and I still couldn’t run a full 5k adrenaline and belief can really make the difference. Drop me a line if I can help in anyway.

    1. Thanks Ewen. I’ve scheduled some easier runs as you suggested and plan to build up the distance fairly slowly. It would be great to run/jog the whole 10K in February, but I’m prepared to walk some of it if necessary.
      I think I’ve already pinched a few ideas from your blog too. πŸ˜‰

  4. I am on week two of #fattys10kchallenge training for a 10k in 10 weeks. Week one started off great but the last few days I have been hit with flu. Hoping to catch up tomorrow with a track session. There are a group of us following my 10k plan. If you want more info about the plan check out http://amazon.co.uk/dp/B00GRKLJQG and good luck!!

    Oh and thanks for following me at the fat girls guide to running πŸ™‚

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