Map My Run

With all the app issues that I’ve been having over the last week, I decided to follow Tara and Sharon’s recommendation (click on their names to visit their awesome blogs) and try out the Map My Run app for this morning’s run.

The thing I liked about this app when I checked it out is that you can create your routes (map your run) and download them to you phone before you head out. This seemed like a good idea as running apps generally map you rather than your route, which can be a problem.

If, like me, you run a route with a very wide path (about the width of a two way street for the most part), your distance is going to vary from run to run as you weave past other runners, dog walkers or large groups of people out enjoying a leisurely stroll.

So, my plan for the Map My Run experiment this morning was to download my 5K route and see if I can use the same route to judge my time over my next few 5K runs. Of course, plans are always subject to last minute changes, and this morning was no different.

The first part of my 5K route is a short jog east, just beyond the public toilets, before turning round to head west to the lagoon. However, as I approached my starting point, I suddenly had an overpowering urge to pee – probably something to do with that second cup of very weak coffee that I drank to warm myself up.

So, instead of running around the public toilet building, I delayed the start of the run, used the facilities and then moved my starting point little bit further east, beyond the toilets. In terms of the run, this was clearly a good plan, but it did mean that I wouldn’t be using my carefully mapped out run.

Still, it did mean that I could test out the GPS on the app, which turned out to be OK (ish). Apart from telling me that I was going much slower than I knew I was at times (really, even I don’t sweat like that at 9:03 min/km any more), the distance markers every 0.5K seemed fairly even.

Of course, when I got home and checked the map, I realised that it had me running on the beach for most of the time, but the distance overall was only about 200m out, so not too bad.

MapMyRun_Wet Feet
Jumping Over Walls and Running Into The Sea

My main gripe with the app at this stage is that the pause button took ages to respond, adding an extra 30 seconds or so to my time; on the upside though, the Map My Run website does give you a 3D fly by of your run.

Anyway, all in all it was a good run. I’ll just have to do another 5K tomorrow to test the app properly!


2 thoughts on “Map My Run”

    1. You’re welcome. 🙂
      I did have to laugh when I saw the route it created, but I do like some of the other features on the app so I’ll see how it goes when I try running a pre-made route.

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