To PB Or Not To PB?

After a good night’s rest, I headed back to the seafront this morning for a cold, damp run. These conditions were perfect for me, with just enough drizzle to keep me refreshed without the constant need to wipe the rain off my glasses.

I decided that, since my RunKeeper app has messed up on my last few runs, that I would try the Nike+ Running app instead. I know quite a few people who track their runs with Nike+ so thought it would be worth a try.

The run started well, following my usual 5K route with a nice slow jog for the first half kilometre before allowing my pace to pick up a bit. The app seemed to be working fine, giving me an update every five minutes about my pace and distance, which seemed to be a bit quicker than usual.

When I hit 30 minutes, the app told me that my average pace was around 6:25 per kilometre. With just under half a kilometre to go, I realised that I was on track for a PB, so I picked up the pace a little bit more and set my sights on what I thought was the 5K finish point.

To my surprise, however, the app told me that I had finished much sooner than I thought it would. So I stopped and checked my time. Apparently I had run 5K in 31:59, which is a whole 26 seconds off my PB!

I was delighted, of course, but given my recent experiences with the RunKeeper app, I was also slightly skeptical.

When I got home, I checked the route on-line and every other source I could find told me that I had only done about 4.6K; but the map on the Nike+ app seemed to have tracked the whole route correctly. It hadn’t got stuck, headed off into town or sent me running into the sea as has happened on previous occasions. In fact, it seemed to catch all of my zig-zagging across the promenade perfectly, showing where I ran close to the railings or up by the beach huts.

So what happened? Did all that zig-zagging around add another 300-400 metres to my route? I’m really not sure and I don’t want to record it as a PB because I didn’t run the whole route that I normally run. But it was a good run and I feel great for doing it, so perhaps I’ll just leave it at that for now – 4.67 K in 31:59 today.

Tomorrow, I’ll try the whole route and see what happens.


6 thoughts on “To PB Or Not To PB?”

  1. I havent used the Nike+ app yet. I typically use Map My Run. I really like that app and it is super easy to use. Plus, you can use it for walking, spinning, hiking etc.

  2. Dang it…I hate when the app doesn’t work! I haven’t tried Nike+ but I know lots of others that use it. I’ve been using RunKeeper for a while but it’s been acting up on me too. I also have used MapMyRun, in fact I used to use it all the time until I switched to RunKeeper…maybe you should give that one a try and see how it does.

    The only other thing I can think of is maybe you’re losing your GPS signal along the way so it’s not recording the whole distance – either way it’s very frustrating.

    I think you should be very happy with your time today and see what happens on your next run…Congrats!!

    1. Thanks Sharon. I was really happy with the run but, much as I love these apps, it is kind of annoying when the GPS goes wonky – especially as I’m a glutton for stats! Still, Map My Run looks pretty good so I’ll give it a go. πŸ™‚

  3. Well done on the time and potential pb. Generally GPS has it ups and downs and zig zagging can add more than you would expect. The best you can do to track real progress is to run the same route weekly then you can compare you’re times like for like over the exact same course regardless of if it it 4.6, 4.9 or even 5.1. Well done keep it up and you will be surprised how quickly you break that 30 barrier.

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