Some Days Are Better Than Others

Some days are better than others, but yesterday wasn’t one of them. Not in terms of running anyway.

I have the whole week of work for what I like to call my Christmas Shopping Week. The idea is that I get all of my Christmas shopping done in the last week of November before the shops get too crazy, and by having the week off, I get to go into town early during the week to miss the weekend crowds.

Of course, I haven’t actually done much of that yet, as time off work also needs to be utilised for other things, like fixing things that are broken, catching up on some reading and, yes, you guessed it, running.

Yesterday was going to involve most of those things. I had the plumber booked for 8:30 am and someone was coming round to change my gas meter between 8:00 am and 12:00 pm, so I figured I’d go for a run in the afternoon.

Unfortunately, after a morning of hanging around the flat eating rubbish and drinking way too much coffee, the run in the afternoon didn’t go too well.

I had planned on running my usual 5K along the seafront, but after about 3K I had to give up. My legs were fine and my breathing was ok, but something in my stomach wasn’t too happy, so I stopped and walked the rest of the way.

When I got home, I didn’t feel great and ended up having a very early night. I think I went to bed at about 8:00 pm, waking up again at about midnight before sleeping through again until this morning.

Still, today is another day and, with a nice light breakfast and cup of very weak coffee, hopefully I’ll get a better run in this morning.


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