Back In Training

This whole being injured malarkey is getting a bit old now, so I decided that enough is enough. It’s time to get back in training and focus on some new running goals!

Now, I know, my main goal was to run 5K in under 30 minutes, and to be fair it still is. But that involves speed training and the poor old achilles just isn’t up to it it yet. However, as I discovered this weekend, as long as I keep the running fairly slow and steady, the old achilles doesn’t seem to mind. That means, if I’m careful, I may still be able to run a couple of times a week without too much trouble. And, if I can’t work on my speed, then I figured that maybe I could do something to start increasing my distance.

So, this weekend I did something that I wasn’t planning on doing for some time yet. I went ahead and signed up for my first 10K race – The Chichester Priory 10K Road Race. Yes, I know I still haven’t mastered the 5K properly, but by increasing my distance, I can still work on my fitness. Besides, the race isn’t until the 9th of February, so I still have plenty of time to train, right?

That being said, I was keen to get out and make a start, so this evening I decided to go for a run to see how I will cope with increasing my distance. Not wanting to put too much strain on the injury, I opted for an interval workout involving four repetitions of 10 minutes easy running with 1 minute of walking between each run.

As usual, I started off a bit too fast on the first interval but, using my RunKeeper app, it wasn’t too difficult to slow down and keep check on my pace. I generally run at a pace of about 6:30 – 6:45 per kilometre, so I tried to keep it closer to 7:00, which felt pretty good.

Throughout the run, I felt fairly relaxed and, while I was keen to see what kind of distance I would achieve, it was nice not having to push myself to go faster. Of course, by the end of the final 10 minute interval, I couldn’t resist pushing myself just a little bit harder, so I picked up the pace and ran (instead of walking) for the final minute.

In the end, I covered 6.3 kilometres, which is the furthest I have ever run, and even though I walked for three minutes of it, I did feel very pleased with myself by the end.

I don’t think I’m quite ready to start the Couch to 10K program properly just yet, and I’ll probably only do a couple of runs a week to start with. It all depends on how I feel. For now though, it does feel pretty damn good to be running again.



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