Taking It Easy

Being injured is becoming a real drag. I haven’t run properly in weeks and it’s doing my head in. I don’t mind about delaying my goal to run faster and improve my 5K time, or even about missing out on my weekend Parkrun, but I do miss running.

Not like last week’s crazy run/jog/walk get blown around by gale force winds scenario; I just mean getting out of the flat for half an hour to run and run until it feels like the run is done. So, this morning I decided to go for it. Nothing major. Just a nice short easy jog around Hove Recreation Ground.

After weathering last week’s storms and winds, I knew that I had to be sensible. The achilles felt worse last week than it had the week before, so I was careful to make sure that I didn’t make it worse again this week. I didn’t set myself any targets, because I targets make me push myself harder and today’s run wasn’t going to be about that. It was going to be about running until I felt satisfied that I’d done enough. Nothing more.

I still used my RunKeeper app to keep track of how I was doing and wasn’t surprised that my pace was much slower than before. This wasn’t due to the achilles though. Sure, I could feel it a little bit as I set off, but it felt ok after the first half kilometer. No, this wasn’t about the injury. It was about a decline in my general fitness.

Usually, I can run 5K without any problems. Yes, I have to push myself sometimes, but I always feel like I can go the distance. Today, however, after only one and a half kilometers I was tired. I wanted to stop and walk. But despite being sensible today, I kept going.

The truth is, deep down I really didn’t want to stop running, so I slowed down a bit and then let my momentum carry me down the slope for a final half kilometer. Then, when the path levelled out again, I stopped.

I was glad that I’d kept going. It felt good to be out running again, pushing myself just enough and not too much.

Of course, I’m still not back to where I was. That may take some time, but I’m hoping that as long as I take things easy, I might be able to get away with running again a couple of times a week. Just to keep the fitness up.



2 thoughts on “Taking It Easy”

    1. Hey, glad you’re feeling better! I don’t blame you for not going out though. It was VERY cold this morning. The biggest problem was that, because I was wearing a hoody, I was way too hot once I started running. I suppose that’s one way to save on winter fuel bills, but I really must invest in some proper running clothes. 😉

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