With only three days to go until my first 5K Parkrun (rescheduled after last Friday’s post work beverages), I have taken some long overdue holiday time from work to give myself some time to rest up and get ready for the race.

Well, when I say ‘rest up’, what I really mean is have time to relax and train at my leisure instead of rushing out the door after a hard day’s work to get my run in.

So, this morning, I woke up early and headed to the park for my morning run. I had planned to run the 5K Parkrun route again, but once I got going I realised that I was still feeling pretty tired after last night’s farltlek experiment.

Needless to say, after about eighteen minutes and 2.69 km of running, I decided to stop running and try out some of the gym equipment in the park. This was a lot of fun and I spent about 15 minutes playing on something that looks like this:


Even though I was swinging my legs at a good pace, I didn’t really feel it… until I got off that is. My legs didn’t hurt, but they did feel a bit wobbly afterwards and weren’t good for any more running. So I headed home, slightly disappointed that I hadn’t done a longer run, but happy in the knowledge that I still had a good half hour workout to start the day off.

And, with no more work until next Tuesday, I’m almost certain that I’ll be heading back down to the park for some more playtime on the outdoor gym.


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