Settling In

Now that I’ve settled into my new flat, I feel like I can get finally back into a proper running routine.

For me, the early stages of C25K were great because I was able to run regularly, following a steady pattern of weekend and mid week runs. I usually ran on Saturday and Sunday mornings with my final run of the training week on Wednesday. Of course, after a few weeks, life got in the way and I had to miss some runs and even went for three weeks without running at all.

Apart from the frustration of missing out on the running, this was annoying because it slowed down my progress and even set me back on a couple of occasions. I hated the idea of having to repeat sessions, but I did it, knowing that this was the only way to get back on track.

However, now that all the upheaval of the last couple of months is over and done with, I feel like I’m starting to settle back in to a routine.

This morning’s run of 2.5 miles was tough, especially the last quarter mile, but I did it. And it felt great.

I decided to run on the Hove Lawns again because I like the springy feeling of the short grass under my feet. It feels slower than running on the pavement, but it’s less bumpy, so when I got to the end of the lawns I decided not to head back to the street and kept running on the grass instead.

The lawns themselves are divided by small paths leading to the promenade, so on my way back, I ran around each section, doing small loops instead of one straight line. This was a great motivator as it helped to break down the 2.5 miles into smaller more achievable chunks.

For the final quarter mile, however, I started to head back to the streets, mostly because I now live a little bit further away from the seafront than I used to. That last stretch was tough. I’m not sure if it was because I was back on the pavement or because I was just getting tired, but it wasn’t as much fun as running on the grass.

Nevertheless, my pace seems to have improved from Week 7 Day 1, so I feel like I’m settling back into the program again with some good steady progress.

I have rescheduled my first park run for two weeks today, so hopefully I’ll be ready by then.

C25K W7D2


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